Four Resolutions to Help You Change a Child's Life in 2015


Every year when the clock strikes midnight, we celebrate the coming of the New Year and ask ourselves, “What can I do different? What can I do better?”

This year, what if you choose to do one thing for a child? That might not sound like much, but one conversation, one gift, or one prayer can change a child’s life. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

1. “Change” It Up 

Gather up those coins jingling in your pocket, the pennies stashed in your car, the change bulging in your wallet, and put them in a jar. When the jar fills up, exchange your coins for cash and send the money to be used to meet the greatest needs of children in Africa and the Caribbean.

2. Plan a Party 

It’s a new year and before long you’ll be celebrating another birthday! This year invite your friends to package meals for children in Africa and the Caribbean. Ask them to donate money for meal supplies in lieu of birthday gifts. On the big day, you’ll have a blast sealing up bags full of nutritious food for the children with your friends. Don’t forget to celebrate with some yummy cake too!

3. Pray 

Prayer is powerful and the children we serve need your prayers! They work hard learning life skills and studying in school so one day they can break the cycle of poverty in their families and communities. 
Dedicate a specific time in your schedule to pray, whether it’s once a day or once a month. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone, or write it on your calendar. And feel free to use these creative prayer prompts and scriptures to guide you!

4. Find a sponsor 

You might already be a sponsor, but have you thought about asking a friend to sponsor a child, too? You can be a voice for a child by being an advocate for sponsorship.
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