Our Most Popular Stories of 2014


2014 was a big year for the children, as they experienced graduations, improvements to their communities, better health and educational opportunities, and most of all, your love and care.

As we look back on our most popular stories of 2014, we see some recurring themes: concern surrounding the Ebola epidemic; celebrations of new beginnings; and God using you, our partners, to provide above and beyond for our children. Thank you for making this such a great year! 

Here are our 14 most popular stories of 2014:

14. Thank you for giving joy in Malawi!

Remembering all you did for the children of Malawi during last year's Christmas season.

13. Photos from summer camp in Malawi

Who doesn't love a photo blog?

12. New girls' hostel officially opens in Malawi

More of God's provision, through you.

11. Ten things you might not know about Malawi

A fun little trivia list about the "Warm Heart of Africa." 

10. What our children in Sierra Leone are saying about Ebola

Hint: One thing they're saying is, "thank you for protecting us."

9. Taken from the miry clay: Precious' story

Our first college graduate from Sierra Leone!

8. Eight ways to pray for the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

These are good to remember even now, as Ebola continues to be a problem in Sierra Leone.

7. The boy who never smiled: Jonnathan's story

He's smiling now!

6. Recipe from Uganda: Banana pancakes

A fun way to get a taste of Africa. Yum!

5. Thank you for everything!

A short video to thank you for all you provide for the children.

4. Your best Venture photos of 2013

Some of the best pictures you took in-country last year. 

3. Mapping the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Keeping an eye on the spread of this disease, so we can keep praying for the children's protection.

2. Olympic gold medalist David Wise uses his success to help children in Africa

Just one example of the many great partners we have. (Also our second-most popular story ever.)

1. Ebola's effect on everyday life now and in years to come: An interview with Quami Agbermodji

Our most popular story ever. A great perspective from someone living in the midst of this Ebola outbreak.

Thanks again for making 2014 such a great year for the children! We're looking forward to a great 2015!