Why I Chose to Sponsor Her: God Placed Her On My Heart


To begin with, I think God blessed me with a strong sense of empathy. I have always been interested in the lives that other people live all around the world. Because of that, there was only one career that I ever wanted, and that was nursing. It was the obvious choice. Taking care of people is simply instinctive for me. 

So recently when my church held a fundraiser for Children of the Nations, I was all in. We raised $10,000 that week and had the privilege of packaging 40,000 meals for the children COTN serves. It was awesome! At the meal packaging event, a table was also set up with information about sponsoring a child. Doing so was a no-brainer for me. 
The hard part was choosing which child to sponsor. I looked through the book at all the precious faces and wished I could sponsor all of them. Then I turned a page and saw Adama and felt an immediate connection. God had placed her on my heart in just that moment. Without reading about her, I signed the paperwork pledging to sponsor her. 
Adama at age 7.
Adama at age 7. Heather says she decided to sponsor Adama before she knew anything about her. "God had placed her on my heart in that moment."
When I got home that night I sat down to read the information I had been given about this 17-year-old girl with the sweet smile. I read down the page and saw that her occupational goal was to become a nurse. I felt this sense of awe as one often does when God leads us down a path. I wrote my first letter to Adama the next morning. 
Heather says she's excited to sponsor Adama and make sure she becomes a nurse
Heather was surprised to learn that Adama wants to be a nurse. "I felt this sense of awe as one often does when God leads us down a path," Heather says. "Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we share the same heart."
I felt—and feel—a great sense of protection over her. Because even though we are thousands of miles apart, and have life circumstances that bear no resemblance to each other, we share the same heart. We love the Lord and we want to care for His people. 
I am very excited to sponsor Adama and see to it that she becomes the nurse that she dreams of being.
What's your sponsorship story? If you have one you'd like to share, email brianolson@cotni.org.
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