Preparing Your Heart for Mission Trips


You spend a lot of time preparing for your mission trip—fundraising, gathering supplies, packing your giant suitcase. But make sure to include one last item on your list: preparing your heart. Amber Rettke just returned from a trip to Malawi. Below, she shares five prayers that helped her focus on God and prepare her heart for the journey.

"This was a note that I pecked out on my phone during the first leg of our flight to Malawi. So fun to see the beginnings of my heart as we journeyed toward Africa." –Amber Rettke
5/20/2014 - 8:30pm
Sitting on the flight to DC. We are descending. Feeling grateful for the waived luggage fees. It was an ordeal, but in the end it all worked out. {God, the Provider.}
Team members have been chatting the whole flight. I've loved listening to the chatter. And I'm also thankful for the time to just sit and be. I know this will not be the case for a lot of this trip. {God, the Connector.}
I'm thinking and praying for the [Malawi presidential] elections. Praying for peaceful demonstrations. Lord, keep us from the middle of anything. Lord, you have gone before us and know what we will encounter. {God, the Sovereign.}
Lord, I am surrendering my thoughts, my "leading" our team to you. It is all at Your feet. {God, my Strength.}
Your sunset is breathtaking. Grey clouds, orange, yellow, pink, hovering over the grey. Lord, even that is tiny compared to You and the amount of love You have for your children. {God, our Creator.}
I'm so grateful for the ways the Lord prepared my heart for Malawi, even on one flight from Orlando to DC. 
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