A Passion for Fashion—And Africa!


Standing in the middle of her clothing sale in Orlando, Florida, Jeanette Scott is a world away from Sierra Leone. But she’s suddenly overwhelmed by memories of this faraway country that she holds close to her heart. Jeanette was there one year ago on a Venture Trip and began sponsoring a girl named Tenneh. But that was just the beginning.

“Tenneh and I immediately connected,” says Jeanette
“Tenneh and I immediately connected,” says Jeanette. “She wrote me notes throughout the week and is both the shyest child and a riot at the same time.”
After she returned from her trip to Sierra Leone, Jeanette began searching for a way to help the children. Then she suddenly had a thought—what if she used her passion for fashion to raise money for the children? It was a perfect solution. As founder of J’s Everyday Fashion, she is a blogger, spokeswoman, and personal shopper. 
Using her connections, Jeanette reached out to thirteen vendors who happily joined the cause. “There’s a lot of power in combining brands,” she says. Jeanette saw this event as an opportunity to not only raise money, but to build community and spread awareness among a large group of people. 
Women enjoyed buying beautiful things for a beautiful cause
      The air was filled with happy conversation as women enjoyed buying beautiful things for a beautiful cause.
Now, as she stands on stage and looks out over the crowd and the tables full of clothing, purses, and jewelry, Jeanette knows all her hard work to put together this event was worth it. In a few minutes, more than a hundred women will begin shopping, and the proceeds will be used to help children in Sierra Leone. 
The money Jeanette raises at this event will help build a much needed warehouse for the Children of the Nations (COTN) Banta Ministry Center. “I wanted to do something that would specifically support the children’s home, largely because Tenneh’s there,” Jeanette says.
The money Jeanette raised will help build a warehouse in Sierra Leone
The money Jeanette raised will help build a small warehouse at the Banta Ministry Center in Sierra Leone. The staff needs a place to store all the supplies and equipment generous partners have donated for the children.
Jeanette has a hard time finding the right words to describe her passion for the children in Sierra Leone. “As one friend put it, I don’t know if I left my heart there, or if I finally found it,” she says. “It was a beautiful experience.” Because she was willing to share her experience in Sierra Leone, Jeanette helped raise more than $1,000 to build the warehouse! 
But she isn’t stopping there. Jeanette is planning to organize an online clothing sale as well. So keep an eye on her website for more details!
You can be a part of children’s lives in Sierra Leone too! Sponsor a child or help build the warehouse!