Way to Be One!


In the last two months, 265 of you stepped up to sponsor children. Because of you, these children will all be able to begin school this fall! 

Many of you new sponsors shared your testimonies, explaining what led you to sponsor a child. Because we had a goal of 500 sponsors, we counted each of you. Many of you took fun photos with your numbers to go along with your testimonies.

Here are some of your photos and stories. Thank you for making this campaign a success for the children!

Grace Kafer, #15:

"I visited Lira, Uganda on a COTN Venture Trip at the beginning of the summer and was absolutely blown away. On the third day, I wrote in my journal, 'Christopher spoke about the sponsorship program and shared his testimony! Listening to him speak stung my eyes with tears and made my heart feel as if it weighed a thousand pounds. I can't wait to sponsor a child—each one is a blessing straight from God! I've seen it and I completely believe it!' I knew the kids had stories just like Christopher's, and although their past can't be changed, their future can! I want to be a part of that! I am so excited to be #15!" -Grace

John Didomenico, #20: 

"This has been something I've wanted to do for a good long while now. Although plans are still in place to visit Malawi toward the end of October, I prayed on it extensively and the choice was crystal clear, DON'T DELAY, Sponsor NOW!" -John

Amy Redd, #29:

"In honor of being sponsor number 29 I decided to create an original piece of artwork. I felt like God has been telling me to sponsor a child for a little while but I didn't know from where or through what organization. Then my friend posted a link with another child's picture and I went to the website and started reading about Children of the Nations. When I saw Orquida's picture there was an immediate feeling of 'this is the one.' It feels really good to be able to finally put a face to the child God has been leading me to serve." -Amy

Amy Bryant and Shelley Horton, #44:

"I recently visited Uganda on a Venture Team Trip and fell in love … with everything and everyone! One night, we stayed overnight in the Children’s Village.  Eunice found me and said I’d be staying with her.  After getting me tucked into the mosquito netting, she hopped on the bunk above me and kept dropping her head down to talk. At that moment I understood that these children are so much more than survivors, they are becoming victors thanks to the opportunities COTN has provided. I realized I can be a part of her growth by sponsoring her but needed someone to help with the contribution.  Her story is so easy to share and I soon found a friend who also wanted to sponsor her.  Shelley has felt the call of God to help others and knew immediately that this was part of His plan. Together we can afford to help Eunice become who she chooses to be and I’m certain that she will prosper." -Amy

Theresa Gentry, #107:

                                        Theresa with her sponsored child, Robbina, in Uganda this summer. 

Clint and Jenn Martin, #127:

"Clint and I met in Malawi serving as COTN consultants. After I returned home we got married 9 months later. I was already sponsoring a child. We were planning a return trip back to Malawi and we knew we would then take on another child to sponsor once we got in country. We found out that our existing child's cousin needed a sponsor and were more than happy to sponsor him since we had gotten to know the entire family.  A couple days before we were to leave we had heard of another little girl that desperately needed a sponsor so we added her as well. 

We sponsor because we were able to get to know the children throughout the years we served in Malawi. We know their stories, have been to their homes, visited them in the hospital and see how effective sponsorship is. Our three sponsored children and their guardians are part of our daily prayers and our lives." -Jenn
Tim and Christopher Pelczar, #155:

"Christopher and I are very excited to sponsor Staniel!  Christopher was thinking about how excited Staniel will be when he is told that he has a sponsor and will not need to worry about having enough food to eat.  I'm very excited that I can use sponsorship as another way to teach my son about sharing God's love with others and I'm excited to be able to help provide for Staniel's daily needs. I hope that our God will use our small contribution to greatly change his life!" -Tim

Sherri Rogalski, #204:

"I was in Sierra Leone in May 2013. My team took sponsorship photos at the Banta school. While we were waiting for the kids to line up for photos, I sat in on the "pick up rocks" game. I was terrible, but  Angie decided to teach me. Angie was to have her photo taken that day as she needed a sponsor. At the end of the game, after a lot of laughs at my lack of skill, Angie asked me "Aunty, will you be my sponsor?" I asked the sponsorship coordinator if that would work and he said yes. I believe that any child who has the courage to ask a stranger for an opportunity of education and health care absolutely deserves it. I am thrilled to be part of the partnership with Angie and her family." -Sherri

Because of YOU, 265 children found sponsors this summer! Thank you for all your help, whether you became a sponsor yourself, took another child on, shared something on Facebook, visited a country, presented at your church, or shared with a friend.

Our campaign is over, but we still need your help to provide for more children. Sponsor a child today!