Sponsorship: It Might Just Change Your Life


Most of our stories focus on how child sponsorship changes children's lives. But this time, we asked YOU, the sponsors, how sending in $32 a month to help a child has actually changed YOUR life. Everyone had a story to share. Here are a few:

               Doug and Kara Montague with their four children, and photos of their four sponsored children. 

Kara Montague and her husband Doug have four children, and sponsor four more. Here's what she has to say about their experience sponsoring children:
"Sponsorship has made these children very real to us as a family.  They are not nameless, faceless people across the world, but real children who need our love and support. We pray for them, rejoice with their successes, and weep over their suffering. We are more aware of the needs of others because of our involvement with COTN and with the children we support."
Jeff Porter decided to sponsor a child after he went on a Venture Trip and saw the need firsthand:
"Sponsorship, as a result of my Venture Trip last year, has both opened my eyes and burdened my heart with the vast scope of challenges that so many face, and which COTN is trying to impact through meaningful, God-centered efforts. The ultimate effect is that it has literally brought me face to face with "third world" issues that for most of my life were largely out of sight, out of mind."
Brandon Beard, a pastor at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, Texas, has traveled on Venture Trips to Uganda several times. His family sponsors a girl from Uganda, and has gotten to meet her and watch her grow up: 

                                          Brandon Beard with his sponsored child, Sharon, in Uganda.
"When you sponsor a child through COTN, it’s such an incredible experience! You are not just writing a check, you are building a relationship. You are not just saving a child from hunger, or providing them an education; you are getting to see hope fill their heart and change the life of a child.  I know firsthand that getting to be a part the COTN sponsor experience will change your life as well."
What about you? Do you sponsor a child? Choose a child to sponsor today—it might just change your life!