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How You Can Help Protect Your Sponsored Child United States
How you can help protect your sponsored child.
May 24, 2021 -

When you sponsor a child, you become part of a team that is raising up the next generation of leaders and change makers!

Is Your Donation Actually Helping? Here's How to Make Sure It Is. United States
We're so proud to have received Charity Navigator's 4-star rating for the tenth
Apr 15, 2021 -

Over the past several decades, many people have grown skeptical of charities—and it’s because of stories like this: 

Your Old Clothes Can Change a Student's Future United States
Donate your old clothes and change a student's future!
Mar 5, 2021 -

You’ve been at home for almost a year. You’ve run out of shows to watch and new hobbies to try. Your house is full of more homemade bread than you will ever be able to eat. 

The Joy of Giving: Spreading the Joy to the Next Generation United States
Let your child or grandchild choose the gift this year!
Nov 25, 2020 -

The holidays are going to look a bit different this year. And the way we celebrate probably will too.

A Meaningful Journey: Using Travel to Help Others United States
A Meaningful Journey: Using Travel to Help Others
Nov 9, 2020 -

When thinking about travel, you might think of a resort where you relax by the pool with a refreshing drink in your hand, or a cruise where there is a buffet around every corner. You might think about checking an item off your bucket list or getting that perfect travel picture to post on Instagram.
That kind of travel can be such an important and joyful part of life, but there is another kind of travel that can also be deeply fulfilling and meaningful. Just ask anyone who has been on a Children of the Nations Venture Trip.

6 Ways You Can Encourage Your Sponsored Child Through Letters United States
You can encourage your sponsored child through your letters!
Aug 25, 2020 -

Everyone loves getting a letter in the mail, including the children who receive letters from their sponsors! These children cherish their letters, finding special places to keep them safe or to display them proudly. And they will read and reread them for years to come.

Stuck at Home? Here's 5 Ways to Help a Child United States
A COTN child praying
Apr 10, 2020 -

There are now confirmed coronavirus cases in all five of the countries we serve, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. As of April 7th, we have no known cases among our staff or the children in our programs. However, many of the children and their families are experiencing the secondhand effects of the virus, such as skyrocketing food prices, lack of access to medical care, and unemployment.

6 Ways Your Families Can Make a Difference for Christmas United States
Volunteers at a meal packing event
Dec 10, 2019 -

Does your family want to spread the joy of the Christmas season by serving others? Here are six ways to make a difference and make your family’s Christmas more meaningful during the holidays: 

How a Group of Quilters is Wrapping Children in Comfort United States
Fifi and a quilt she made
Aug 14, 2019 -
Sometimes, the best way to serve others is by doing the thing you love the most.
Fifi Dickey has been sewing since she was a child. She studied interior design and enjoys combining colors and patterns. “It relaxes me,” she explains.
A Blessing That Goes Both Ways: Sponsors Meet Their Sponsored Child After 18 Years! United States
Steven and the Kitsap County Clerks, his sponsors for 14 years
Jul 24, 2019 -


They stood behind the security checkpoint, hands clasped, tears welling up in their eyes, staring at the face that had smiled from their file cabinets, fridges, and bulletin boards for the last two decades.