The Faithful 4H: Kids Package Meals for Sixth Year in a Row


Rabbits might be their common ground, but nothing gets the kids from this 4H club more excited than packaging meals for children in need. 

Kitsap County, Washington's, Rabbit Tree 4H club has been packaging meals annually with Children of the Nations (COTN) for six years now. Some of the kids from the club have literally grown up packaging meals every year.  It's an event they all look forward to. 
"I like working with the other kids," says Craig Boekenoogen, the club president. Everyone tries out the different jobs, and you have fun as you make mistakes along the way." Craig has been at every meal packaging event for the past six years, and says he's learned a lot from them. 
Craig says he likes meal packaging because everyone works together
                       Craig (second from right) says he likes meal packaging because everyone works together.
"There are millions of kids who need the food, and it is always amazing to see how happy they are with the little they have," says Craig. "The decisions we make here, however small, can make a huge impact around the world. A meal for a child only costs 25 cents!" 
Craig, the club's president, has packaged meals every year for the past 6 years
                            Craig, the club's president, has packaged meals every year for the past six years.
For other kids, like third-grader Max Strom, the annual COTN meal packaging event is one of the main reasons they attend 4H. "It's a once-a-year fun thing to do," says Max, who has been packaging meals for four years now. "I just really like it." This year, Max and his brother Bodie won a prize for raising the most donations for COTN. 
Max and Bodie won a prize for getting the most donations
Max and Bodie look forward to packaging meals every year. This year, they won a prize for getting the most donations!
Max and Bodie weren’t the only ones to win a prize. This year, the whole club won a 4H award for outstanding service. In step with their character, the club gave part of their award as a gift to COTN. 
The Rabbit Tree 4H's meal packaging event is about as low key as they come. But the kids mean business—this year they packaged 6,700 meals to send overseas to help children in Africa and the Caribbean. And the children hope their meals will have an impact that goes far beyond simply feeding a child. "I hope that [the meals] give them the strength and hope to face tomorrow's challenges," says Craig. "I pray that they will grow up healthy and seek to serve their country and world in a way that pleases God." 
The whole Rabbit Tree meal packaging group
Help children in Africa and the Caribbean today. No group is too small to organize a meal packaging event
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