Five Tips for Choosing a Child to Sponsor


So you want to sponsor a child. Great! But if you’re like me, or my friends, or almost anyone else, you might be having trouble choosing a specific child.  How do you pick just one out of the sea of little faces on our Sponsor a Child page

The good news is, even if you can’t afford to sponsor every child, your monthly donation will benefit all the children in your child’s village by helping to provide food, medical care, school fees, and more. But, of course, sponsorship is not just about the impact of your dollars. It’s about a relationship. It’s about taking the time to write letters, encourage a child, and watch them grow and achieve their dreams. So how do you choose a child to impact in those ways?  
Here are five tips:
1. Be a mentor
Our children have high hopes for what they’re going to be when they grow up. They want to be doctors, teachers, moms, dads, bankers, writers, musicians, and more. Some of them probably want to do what you do. Try finding a child who will appreciate your unique wisdom and experience as it relates to their own dreams and aspirations. 
Be a mentor to your sponsored child
2. Consider shared interests
If you’re a New York Yankees fan, you have something in common with the boys in our I Love Baseball program. If you love soccer, you have something in common with most of the children in our other countries. Maybe you have another hobby or interest you share with a child. I’ve been using my passion for languages to practice Spanish with and teach English to my sponsored girl in the Dominican Republic. She can already count to ten in English!
What interests do you share with the children in COTN's programs?
3. Pick a birthday
Our Sponsor a Child page lets you search by birthday, so you can find a child who shares your birthday, or who was born on another significant date, like your anniversary, a friend’s birthday, your favorite holiday, etc. 
Celebrating a birthday in the Dominican Republic
4. Consider age and length of sponsorship
Are you hoping to receive well-written, thought-provoking letters from your sponsored child? Or do you prefer crayon drawings? Do you want to see big results like high school and college graduation as soon as possible? Or are you content to wait for those achievements because you’re more excited about developing a relationship over a long period of time? Oftentimes there is a greater need for older children to be sponsored, but we truly value every sponsor! 
Graduation day for Antonio
5. Spin the globe!
If you simply can’t decide, close your eyes, make a few clicks, and see what happens! Or just choose the first child you see. Your child will be so glad to have you as a sponsor, no matter how you arrived at your decision! 
Five tips for choosing a child to sponsor