Your Favorite Letters


We asked sponsors the sweetest thing their child has ever written them in a letter. Here are some of the words and phrases that have touched your hearts (or made you giggle):

"I just opened my very first letter today... 'I always love your sweet words and encouragement that you give to me.'" -Nancy, COTN Sponsor

A child writes to her sponsor from Uganda

"He signed a letter once, 'your son.' That about brought tears." -Jessica, COTN Sponsor

A boy shows the letter he received from his sponsors

"My child wrote that he loves me more than his teeth (and they are gorgeous)!" -Edina, COTN Sponsor

Reading a sponsor's letter in Sierra Leone

"One of my kids said they most enjoyed the part of Christmas celebrating the "bath" of Jesus. I think "birth" was the intended noun, but you never know..." -Megan, COTN Sponsor

A girl in the Dominican Republic shows a Christmas card from her sponsors

"Send me a soccer ball, as soon as possible." - Shelley, COTN Sponsor 

Arnold of Uganda received a soccer ball

"'I want you to please come to Africa,'—gets me every time!" - Cassia, COTN Sponsor

A sponsor meets her child in Sierra Leone

What is the sweetest (or funniest) thing YOUR child has written to you? Share with your fellow sponsors in a comment below!

Just a quick note means so much to your sponsored child! Write a letter today!

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