Welcome to the Family!


Sue Trover wanted her surprise to be the highlight of Christmas day. She waited until all eleven grandchildren had opened their gifts. “The timing was important,” she explains.  Then she gathered the whole family and unveiled the biggest gift of the day—their family would be expanding as they welcomed six sponsored children from Children of the Nations’ (COTN) programs in Africa and the Caribbean.  

Juan is one of six children the Trover family decided to sponsor last Christmas.
Juan is one of six children the Trover family decided to sponsor last Christmas. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up.
There were tears as Sue explained how sponsorship transforms the lives of children in need. But the real gift, she told them, would be in the time the family will spend writing letters, sending pictures, and getting to know their sponsored children. “It’s not just about money,” says Sue. “It’s about giving your time and energy.”
By sponsoring children in need, Sue hopes her grandchildren will grow up with a different picture of the world—something more tangible and personal than reminding children during meal time that there are starving kids in Africa. “We’re blessed to be a blessing,” she says. As Sue’s grandchildren communicate and grow alongside the sponsored children, she hopes they’ll see the needs of the world and learn to be joyful givers. “We can do this for our children and at the same time help children in distress,” she says.
Hannah wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
Hannah, one of the Trovers' sponsored children, wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She now has hope for a better future because of the care her sponsors provide.
“People often don’t realize that sponsoring a child can be personal,” says Laura Cook, COTN's Orlando office director. “By writing to your child you can form a relationship with them.”  Laura knows this firsthand. On a Venture Trip to Sierra Leone, she asked the children if they’d received anything from their sponsors.  Their faces lit up.  They ran to their homes and came back with letters and photos to show her. “It means so much to a child in Africa or the Caribbean to know there’s someone really far away who cares enough to not only support them financially, but who is also praying for them and writing to them,” Laura says.  
Sue sees child sponsorship as a way to provide for more than just the physical needs of children. “It’s not just the meal you’re giving them,” Sue says. “You’re feeding their souls too.” 
“Sponsor a child for yourself,” Sue says. But, she adds, it also feels great to give a sponsorship as a gift to someone else who will commit to writing to a child. “I think that’s the gift, paying it forward. There’s great joy in that.”
You can be a part of transforming lives. Sponsor a child from Africa or the Caribbean today!