Would You Take a Pie in the Face to Feed Children in Africa?


Would you take a pie in the face to feed children in Africa?

Three teachers from the Bear Creek School in Redmond, Washington, did just that on Wednesday, March 20th. The entire middle school had gathered to package meals with Children of the Nations (COTN). The students wanted to raise as much money as possible to send as many meals as they could to children in need in Africa and the Caribbean. They came up with lots of creative ideas to raise money, including a raffle to throw a pie in a teacher's face!
In the end, the students raised $6,100 to package 24,000 meals that day. They packaged the meals in a little under an hour, and had a blast! Enjoy their photos:


                                                               A teacher takes a pie in the face.

The students raised money to send meals to children in need in Africa.
                                                                    Still smiling, through the pie!

Children packaging meals for children in need in Africa
                               The class packaged 24,000 meals to send to children in Africa and the Caribbean!

The class raised money to send meals to children in Africa
                                                             It was a fun and productive day for all!


Want to make a difference for a child in need? Sponsor a child in Africa or the Caribbean today! 

So, would YOU take a pie in the face to help children in Africa? Leave your response in a comment below: