Three Things Every Sponsor Should Know


It's easy to feel "out of the loop" when you sponsor a child on the other side of the world. You most likely know very little about their culture, daily life, challenges, and thoughts.  With younger children, communication is often difficult. If you're like me, you want to develop a meaningful relationship with your child—but how? 

Here are three things I think every sponsor should know about getting the most out of child sponsorship.
1) Your letters really DO matter! 
Every time you write, your child will write back to you. It's a great way to build a relationship with your child.
                                           An older child in Uganda helps a younger child read a letter from his sponsor
                      An older sponsored child in Uganda helps a younger child read a letter from his sponsor.
But sometimes letters can be frustrating—it's a long process getting the letters to your child's country and back (we send them with Venture Teams).  And your child's letters back may seem simple—almost formulaic. 
Even if your reply is slow-to-arrive and simple, your correspondence means more than you can imagine. Children will read over them—often memorizing the names of your family and friends and every other detail you share with them. I've been in-country and seen how your letters are carefully kept in cubbies and boxes for years.
                                     Children treasure your cards and keep them for years!
                                           Children treasure your cards and keep them for years!
Use this template to help you write your child a letter.
2) You can learn more about your sponsored child's culture and daily life on our blog.
A great way to understand your child better is to learn about their daily life and culture. We publish articles almost daily that will give you insight into your child's life. Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to see articles as they come up, or visit our news page and filter by country. 
3) You are a part of something much bigger than one child!
Pray for your child, write to your child, get to know your child. But also know that your sponsorship is having an impact way beyond one child. Having one child in our sponsorship program means that families can afford to feed the rest of their children. Family members have become Christians because their child has shared what they learned at COTN. 
                               Child sponsorship has a positive impact on entire families and communities
Because your donations are pooled to fund our schools, feeding programs, resource distributions, spiritual programs, and much more, you are an important part of every child's story of transformation. Together, we are helping these children grow up to bring transformation to their whole nations! You are a part of something HUGE!
You can help a child in need today! Sponsor a child in Africa or the Caribbean.