Confessions of a Distracted Sponsor


I admit it. I'm a distracted sponsor. By "distracted" I mean there are so many pressing needs on my plate that often the last thing I think about is my two kids far away in Africa and the Dominican Republic. By "distracted" I mean there is a great disparity between the number of letters and small gifts I want to send them, and the number that actually make it into the mail.

               A child from Sierra Leone reads the Easter card his sponsor sent him last year.
Why don't I write? I want to write. I think about writing. I even occasionally add writing to my to-do list.  But rarely, if ever, do I get online, print out the template, and write a letter.  I've been on a Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic and met my little boy. I love him, and want to develop a relationship with him.  Why don't I write?
I hate to admit this, but to some extent, I think I have to compartmentalize my life here in the United States from what I know is the reality of their lives. It's hard to go about my daily life, and enjoy the luxuries I experience daily—driving myself to work, going out to dinner, having a dishwasher and washer and dryer in my house—and keep my sponsored children and their needs and struggles on my heart.  
And of course, there is that general "busyness" that seems to always push out simple things like taking ten minutes to write a quick note to my sponsored child.  But am I really that busy?  
This year, for Lent, I've given up scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed in the evenings.  I can't give up Facebook all together, because part of my job is posting what are hopefully encouraging and inspiring tidbits for you on the Children of the Nations Facebook page. But giving up Facebook in the evenings will free up a good amount of time—time when I previously considered myself "busy."
                                   When you write your sponsored child, our staff will always help them write back!
When you write your sponsored child, our staff will always help them write back! It's a great way to build a relationship.
My prayer is that this small "sacrifice" will help me take the time to think of my sponsored children, pray for them, keep their lives and struggles on my heart, and write them a few short letters. 
What about you?  What helps you remember to write? 
You can change a child's life today!  Sponsor a child in Africa or the Caribbean.
Write to your sponsored child today—use this template to help you!