Five Ways to Pray for your Sponsored Child


As a sponsor, I truly aspire to pray regularly for my two sponsored children.  But praying for a child I've never met is not easy for me.  I find it much easier to pray for the pressing immediate needs that are right in front of my face.  Too often, my prayers for little Marie and Marcellus are vague and short—"God bless them .... "  Of course there is nothing wrong with this simple prayer, but this year, I am hoping to pray more specifically and regularly for my sponsored children.  

Here are a few prompts to help us all be more diligent in praying for our sponsored children:
1) Pray for their family. Many children in our programs do not come from Christian families. Many children regularly ask for prayers for their parents, siblings, and aunts and uncles. Pray that parents and whole families would come to know the Lord because of the witness of their children. Pray that caregivers would become good, loving examples to their children. Pray for broken families to heal. 
2) Pray for their walk with God. Because of your support, your child takes part in regular Bible studies and discipleship. Pray for spiritual growth and understanding for your child. Pray for protection from temptations. Pray for wisdom and understanding for the pastors, mentors, and teachers in your child's life.
3) Pray for their education. Children always ask for prayer for success on exams and good progression in school. Pray for God to give them insight, understanding, and diligence in their studies. Pray for their teachers as well.
                        Pray for your sponsored child's education
4) Pray for their future. Pray your child would have God's vision for their future. Pray for them to aim high, and for God to clear the path for them to achieve their goals. 
5) Pray for their nation. Children of the Nations' vision is to raise children who transform nations. Pray that your child might be a part of this. Pray for your child to have a heart for his or her community and nation. Pray that your child's life will bless their community and nation—through their witness, through their influence, and through their career. Pray for lasting and positive transformation in your child's country.