One Purse is Bringing Clean Water to Malawi


Right now, hundreds of children in Chirombo, Malawi, walk more than a mile every day to get water. Partners like you have already helped build one well in this impoverished village, and you’re raising money to build two more to provide safe drinking water for all of Chirombo’s children. Heather Case of Orlando, Florida, is doing her part to help, one purse at a time.  

The Children of the Nations (COTN) Chirombo village well project lines up perfectly with the goals of Heather’s nonprofit organization, One Purse—to help vulnerable women and children around the world. “There are projects going on in the front lines all over the world raising money,” says Heather. She founded One Purse to bring these projects into the spotlight. By selling new, Fair Trade purses made by artisans around the world, as well as gently-used purses, One Purse raises awareness and money for projects like the Chirombo wells. “It’s refreshing to see that, through One Purse, passions can be combined with a very real need,” says Laura Cook, COTN’s Orlando office director.
One Purse began two years ago when Heather fell in love with a purse at a consignment shop. Unable to justify spending the money, she suddenly had a thought: “For the amount of money that I was considering spending on this purse, I could change a child’s life.” Conflicted, Heather looked in the Bible for what God might have to say about purses, and was surprised by what she found. 
In Luke 12:33-34, she read: “Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near, and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Heather decided not to buy the purse, and instead founded One Purse as a way to bless others. “It is awesome to see how this woman ... was able to use that passion for shopping and combine it also with ministry and a passion for helping children,” Laura says. 
The Chirombo project is one of five ventures One Purse is currently supporting. Since announcing its backing for the Chirombo wells in December, One Purse has raised more than $1,000 for the project. 
Thanks in part to One Purse, the Chirombo well project is now seventy percent funded. But Heather is hoping to do more than just raise awareness and support. “What I want to encourage women to do ... is to lay down the stuff that’s temporary for something that’s eternal,” she says. “That’s the message that I want to share.” 
Want to get involved? Sponsor a child today or share your resources to help needy children!