Prayer Requests for You


Your prayers are so important, and mean the world to our staff and children.  It's because of your prayers that we are where we are today!  Here are some requests you can keep in your thoughts and prayers for the next month.  Thank you for praying!


Thank you for praying! Because of your support and prayers, COTN launched its first Haiti Village Partnership Program in October. 
Pray for God to bring more sponsors, and that the program would bring blessing and transformation to children, their families, the community, and the nation!
Pray for the new feeding center and school we are raising money to build for the children. 

Dominican Republic

Praise God for the twenty-four COTN students who are now studying in universities!

Pray for God's protection over our university students, for diligence in their studies, and for success. Pray the students would have visions to use their degrees to bring transformation to their communities and nation.

Pray for more sponsors to meet the growing need for university student sponsorships.

Sierra Leone 

Praise God for raising up partners and workers to complete COTN's first science labs in Sierra Leone.  

Pray for God to bring qualified and dedicated teachers to COTN's school to give these children the instruction they are so excited to receive!                        

Pray that this lab will enable students to reach their dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, and engineers, so that they can bring transformation to their nation!


Thank you for all your prayers for the children of Uganda! Praise God for the healing, restoration, and strong faith He has given to so many of the children.

Continue to pray for the new counseling program based on play therapy.  Pray that children will find healing and wholeness through this program.  Pray for wisdom and patience for in-country staff as they seek to care for the emotional and psychological needs of the children.


Pray for all our teenagers in Malawi.  

Pray that they would remain strong in their faith, and not stray from God's path.

Pray for opportunities for them to begin transforming Malawi!

What other prayers are on your heart for the children and countries we serve?  Leave your prayer requests below as comments: