Thank You for Sharing the Joy of Christmas!


Gifts from sponsors like you this past Christmas made it possible for children in all the countries we serve to celebrate the birth of Jesus with gifts, singing, dancing, and a delicious meal.  Because you were so generous, we were able to open these celebrations to include the whole community—parents, siblings, and friends were invited too. The children want to thank you for sharing the joy of Christmas with them!  Please enjoy some of the photos from their celebrations!

                         The children were overjoyed to receive personalized cards from their sponsors!  

Below: Children from our Village Partnership Program in Uganda enjoyed a feast with their families.















Below: Children from the Dominican Republic started off their celebration with a meal.


Below: After everyone got enough to eat in the Dominican Republic, the singing and dancing began!














Below: After their feast and celebration, children in Mokpangumba, Sierra Leone, got bags of popcorn to take home.

Below, left: Becky of Sierra Leone dressed in her best outfit for the Christmas celebration.  Below, right: Children in Mokpangumba, Sierra Leone, spent time praying for their sponsors before celebrating.                                                                                                                              


Below: Children in Haiti shared Christmas songs and received gifts at their celebration.                                   













Below: In Malawi, Santa visited and the children enjoyed dancing, a meal, and a beautiful Christmas cake.


The children of Sierra Leone have a message they want to share with you:

Thank you! If you are not yet a sponsor, change a child's life today by becoming one! Sponsor a child and transform a life.