A Day Volunteering at Children of the Nations


Last month, students from Carden Country School from Bainbridge Island, Washington blessed COTN with their gift of service. “Future journalists” Madeleine Bentley, Anna Misenti, and Rebecca Gallivan reported on the day’s activites:

On Wednesday, April 30 twenty of Carden Country School’s upper grade students left their school ready to work. After a long car ride, they arrived at Children of the Nations headquarters in Silverdale, Washington. They are currently caring for children in Malawi, Uganda, Sierra Leone and the Dominican Republic.

Makenzie Moody, a sixth grade student, said, “I was motivated by knowing that we live in a place where we have so much. I wanted to help others who do not have as much.”

At the students’ arrival, they were met by the resource manager, Dave Schertzer, who has been a part of the organization since 2001. He explained how this program operated and how touched the children were to receive the items that they so greatly needed.

He then split the students into four groups. The first group was in charge of packing the truck, while the other two groups sorted and brought out the donations. Later they packed the clothes into boxes and weeded. Meanwhile, the fourth group interviewed some staff members. They soon discovered that many of the workers were volunteers and greatly enjoyed their involvement in the ministry. Staff members said their favorite part of serving COTN was helping the children and making a positive impact on the world. By the end of the day the students felt proud of their accomplishments and were inspired to do more.

“We had a large group prayer at the end of the day at COTN,” student Makenzie Moody said. “Since we came back to our school, we have been praying that the shipment [to Sierra Leone] gets there safely, that there are enough supplies, and that the children would stay healthy.”

[Written by Carden Country School students, Madeleine Bentley, Anna Misenti, and Rebecca Gallivan]

Thank you to the students of Carden Country School for volunteering their time! This was the first COTN volunteer experience for the students, and they plan to package food in the fall.