Staff Focus: Dave Spoon, Washington Feeding Coordinator


“Are You Ready?”

That was the question Chris Clark (COTN founder) frequently asked Dave Spoon prior to his joining the COTN staff. “Are you ready to join the mission of COTN?” Dave knew Chris and Debbie Clark through his service at Island Lake Camp in Poulsbo, Washington, where the founders brought their children for summer camp.

A year and a half ago, when Dave was searching for a place in full-time ministry, he finally felt ready—to take a step of faith and become the Washington State Feeding Coordinator. In this position, Dave now oversees many different ministries including meal packaging and Hunger Experience events. Currently, he is coordinating the 285K Meal Marathon event which will be held in Silverdale, Washington on May 16. Volunteers at this event will package enough food to fill a 40-foot shipping container. In addition, Dave will travel to Orange County, California to our satellite office to help with a 40K Meal Marathon.

Reflecting on how he sees the Lord working through his experience at COTN, Dave said,
“I just watch how God uses the community of people—from local groups, to churches, to schools, to the way people are encouraged to raise money and volunteer for packaging food. I see God just bringing community together to help our orphaned and destitute children.”

Before joining the COTN staff, Dave and his wife Tanya had prayed for ten years about the possibility of starting a ministry in the Caribbean. He was encouraged to see answered prayer when he began working with COTN, which was already ministering to children in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Last year, Dave had the opportunity to visit the Dominican Republic for the first time. “I went to all the bateyes (impoverished rural villages) and saw the kids, so I really saw the recipients of this mission. Today, I think of specific faces and specific names, and I pray for those kids,” he said.

In the future, Dave hopes that the feeding program will grow nationally. “At some point, if we could do a big national feeding event—local events in each of our satellite and coordination locations—we could package over 1,000,000 meals,” he said.

For now, Dave continues to serve—wherever the Lord directs him. Please pray for Dave and his wife Tanya, a physician’s assistant, this summer as they serve in Sierra Leone for three months. He will be responsible for coordinating with the national staff to direct the activities of the Interns and Venture Teams.