UPDATE: Global Rice Shortage May Affect COTN's Meal Marathon!


Silverdale, WA – Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support from the local community, the Silverdale, Washington “285K” Meal Marathon is going on as scheduled! Last month’s newspaper coverage and announcement that the global rice shortage might possibly have an adverse effect on the event rallied the Kitsap Country community. Supporters, and even people who had never heard of COTN, donated thousands of pounds of rice to support COTN and our efforts to feed starving children in Africa and the Dominican Republic.

The Silverdale, Washington Meal Marathon event will be held May 16th (full event details). While volunteers to package meals and rice donations are greatly appreciated, currently, the greatest need is financial support. Between the cost of ingredients and shipping, nearly $71,000 is needed—only half of which has been raised. Donate today!