COTN’s Country Leaders Visit the US


For the first time ever, our ministry leaders from each of our four countries were able to come to the US—all at the same time! The international visit kicked off with our 2008 Homecoming Celebration (an annual event where all COTN–USA staff, including our Florida and California satellite staff, are able to come together for a time of strategizing, training, and planning).

In addition to Homecoming, the international guests were the key note speakers in a COTN-hosted multicultural conference, “Empowering the Nations” which was open to the public—attendees flew in from as far away as Colorado and Hawaii! Our guests shared updates on each of their countries and addressed such topics as “The State of Education in Africa and the Dominican Republic,” “Understanding Poverty and Social Justice,” and “Realizing Generational Transformation in Developing Nations.

The three-week visit culminated in our first-ever Education Summit—a conference focusing on our in-country Education and Challenged Children’s programs. It provided valuable training for our international staff and was led by COTN Education Director Wendy Brown.

During their stay our international guests were able to speak at numerous Pacific Northwest churches and organizations. They departed for their respective countries this week.