Village Assistance Program Has a New Name!


COTN’s Village Partnership Program (formerly known as our Village Assistance Program) has a new name more aptly suited to the goals of the program—which is to build sustainability, not dependence, in our targeted villages. The name change came about from the revelation that the term assistance denotes that the recipient is passive, whereas the term partnership carries an active connotation—assuming both parties contribute to the success of the program. And true partnership, indeed, is what we seek through this program. Our goal would be that no currently sponsored child will ever need to have their child sponsored because they will have learned a skill or profession that will empower them to grow out of poverty.

The Village Partnership Program, funded through our child sponsorship program, and designated partners, provides a coming-alongside kind of support to most desperate communities The program features have not changed—just the name. Child sponsorship through the Village Partnership Program remains $28/month. Click here for more information.