Team BroMan Summits Mt. Kilimajaro for COTN


Pictured from left to right: Darin Desmond, Kevin Warren, Jeff Sondermeyer, Matt Foster of BroMan Expeditions ( with their two Tanzanian guides summit Mt. Kilimajaro holding the banner displaying the sponsors who helped get them there. Founder Jeff Sondermeyer and Team BroMan worked for over a year on their “Kili for Kids” climbing campaign. The funds they raised, helped build and equip a state-of-the-art recording studio at the newly completed COTN Njewa Mission Center in Malawi, Africa. The recording studio will produce Christian and other educational programs predominantly for children in Chichewa. In addition, the studio will serve as an income-generating venture for COTN as musical groups and choirs will rent the facility for individual recording projects. COTN children from Chitipi Farm were able to sign the BroMan banner before the team left Malawi in February. You can see their drawings and signatures scattered amongst the sponsor logos. The children symbolically and perhaps prophetically reached the summit, the highest point in Africa, with COTN and BroMan Expeditions.