News: Uganda

Furry Blessings That Multiply Fast Uganda
Bunnies are taking over the Uganda Children's Village, thanks to a few gifts
Dec 10, 2013 -

Denis is feeling stressed from a long day of studying. As he finishes up his chores, he walks over to where the bunnies are kept at the Children of the Nations Uganda Children's Village and picks one up. "When I am stressed, I just go and sit nearby and watch [the bunnies] as they graze or play around," says Denis. "I am refreshed, because I begin to laugh at the behavior of this little animal."

What Does the Christmas Story Mean to a Child in Uganda? Uganda
For children who have lost their families, Christ's birth means acceptance
Dec 6, 2013 -

The story of the birth of Jesus is relevant to our children in countless ways. For an orphaned, abandoned, neglected, or impoverished child in Uganda, the birth of Christ is the message of hope to them who had given up in life. It is deliverance from the past of despondency and destruction masterminded by war. It is freedom from marginalization, poverty, and above all, sin. 

Thank You for Sponsoring Me: Lydia's Story Uganda
"Now I report to school with the rest of the kids because I don't have to worry
Nov 26, 2013 -

Lydia dreaded the first day of school in Uganda

God Does Not Abandon Us: Sarah's Story Uganda
Sarah couldn't believe this new bed was actually hers!
Nov 11, 2013 -

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes. In front of her was the most beautiful bed she had ever seen. "I was shocked when they told me it was my own!" she laughs, remembering the moment she realized she would be sleeping in a real bed for the first time. 

Please Pray for Our Seventh-Grade Class! Uganda
Hannah receives a certificate for her hard work at COTN's school!
Nov 4, 2013 -

Please pray along with the children and staff in Uganda for our seventh-grade class. 

This is our first class of primary school seniors at the Children of the Nations (COTN) school in Uganda. They are about to take their final exams, which will determine whether they will move up to secondary school.

Photos from Our First Trip to the Zoo! Uganda
The class poses at the entrance to the zoo
Oct 28, 2013 -

Imagine living in Africa your whole life ... and never once seeing a lion or a zebra. 

For most children in our care, safaris and trips to national parks or zoos are unaffordable luxuries. So they grow up only hearing about the animals that are native to their country. 

But that changed for the seventh-grade class at Children of the Nations' school in Uganda this month. The students went on their first-ever class trip—all the way to the captial city to see the zoo, Lake Victoria, and Uganda's airport. 

Fruit Trees Will Bless Generations of Children Uganda
Oct 22, 2013 -

It was raining in Uganda, but that didn’t dampen the girls’ plans. As soon as class was dismissed, they ran out to a patch of land where a Venture Team from Southern California was working hard.

The Sound of Happy Feet in Uganda Uganda
“For the first time, the dream of wearing strong leather shoes became a reality"
Oct 14, 2013 -

Shoes are very important to children in Africa. Without shoes, children are exposed to dangerous parasites and sharp objects that can cause serious wounds and infections. However, in Uganda shoes are often too expensive for families to buy for their children. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Gift One: Goats! Uganda
Oct 7, 2013 -

After his father died, Peter's family never had enough to eat. "My mother could only afford to buy beans and vegetables—but never meat," he says. Every Christmas, Peter's family would scrape together everything they had for a meal. "We would struggle to buy a little meat, but it was never enough." 

Video: Give Joy! Uganda
Oct 1, 2013 -

What do you want for Christmas?