News: Uganda

Four Unique Pictures of Success Uganda
Prosasco studies with Uganda Education Specialist Lindsey Mueller
Apr 11, 2014 -

What does transformation look like? We dream of children, once orphaned and abandoned on the streets, becoming doctors, teachers, and politicians, and changing their countries. And that is happening all over the world, because of you. 

New Ministry Center Opens in Uganda Uganda
Thank you for giving the children something to smile about!
Mar 31, 2014 -

Thanks to you, the children and staff in Uganda have some snazzy new digs. 

This past fall, you helped build a new ministry center at the COTN-Uganda campus. This new building will allow our Ugandan staff to work more closely with the children and interact with them on a daily basis. The old office was several miles away, in Lira, and required the staff to spend too much time and money commuting between there and the Children's Village. This new office is more cost-effective, and will help our ministry in Uganda flourish. 

A Refugee No More: Oscar of Uganda Uganda
Oscar wasn't really a refugee, but kids called him one because he was orphaned
Mar 24, 2014 -


God Rescues Us from Our Affliction: Olga's Story Uganda
Mar 13, 2014 -

Ten-year-old Olga had the responsibilities of an adult. Her mother was too sick to do any housework, and Olga was the oldest girl, leaving her with the responsibility of running the house. 

Taking the Next Step of Faith: Solomon's Story Uganda
Mar 6, 2014 -

Solomon is strong, smart, and tall. But he's anything but outgoing. Which is why any time an opportunity came up to share in front of a crowd, Solomon shrank to the back. 

A Vacation Visit to the Village Uganda
Nancy and her mother work together to hand wash the family's laundry
Feb 24, 2014 -

The new school year just started in Uganda. In January, the children all had a break. Our in-country staff used this break as a time to visit some of the Village Partnership Program children, spend time with their parents or guardians, and see what their daily life looks like. They were very impressed by what they found!

Thank You for Giving Joy in Uganda! Uganda
In Uganda, as in every COTN country this Christmas, each child received a book.
Jan 17, 2014 -

The Christmas photos from Uganda are in! And thanks to all of you, the children had a great time celebrating Jesus' birth. Please enjoy these photos and this special message from our Village Partnership Program Coordinator in Uganda, Christopher Odongo:

God is good! The children in Uganda had a colorful Christmas celebration this year, with a wonderful meal, drinks, and great gifts, including school bags and books. 

God Can Pick Us Up: Sharon’s Story Uganda
The Uganda Children’s Village provides a safe, loving home for kids like Sharon
Jan 10, 2014 -

Like so many times before, Sharon fought her way through a crowd of people trying to get water for their families. During Uganda’s civil war, water was scarce in the internally displaced persons camp, and six-year-old Sharon wasn’t strong enough to push through the crowd. 

Hope Restored: Brenda's Story Uganda
Brenda and her cousins live in this tiny home in Uganda
Dec 31, 2013 -

Sitting on the dirt floor of Brenda's tiny home in Uganda, it's hard to believe her life has been completely transformed. Her tiny home has a thatched roof, mud walls, and is about the size you would think normal for a bedroom—not a home for four children and an adult. Yet there in her tiny home in rural Uganda, Brenda looks at you in her little pink school uniform with eyes full of joy and hope. Everything is different for her, because of her sponsors.

A Ugandan Nativity Uganda
Dec 24, 2013 -

In the United States, nativity plays are as traditional as carols and poinsettias in the Christmas season. Even though these dramatizations are most likely not universal, I can't help imagining what a nativity play would look like starring the children of COTN–Uganda, who I have come to know and love over the years.