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How Well Do You Know Uganda? (Fun Quiz) Uganda
An image of the Ugandan flag
Sep 26, 2017 -
1. What is the name of Uganda's capital city? 
a. Nairobi
b. Kigali
c. Dodoma
d. Kampala
“I Didn’t Know There Was a Word Called Blessing”: Oliver’s Story Uganda
Oliver smiling
Sep 14, 2017 -

Soon, Oliver (pronounced "Olivia") will become one of the first children to graduate from COTN–Uganda. But this almost didn't happen.

Oliver’s father died in 2002 during a rebel attack. Young Oliver lived with her grandmother, but basic survival was difficult.

Photos from Your Child's Center Day in Uganda Uganda
Children dancing
Aug 31, 2017 -

Thank you for giving to send your sponsored child to camp! COTN–Uganda doesn’t hold its “summer” camps until December, during the school break. We will share photos and stories from those camps as soon as they are available.


But what your child does experience during the summer is COTN–Uganda's Center Day. During Center Day, the community is invited to the COTN campus, and the COTN staff and children present various skits, speeches, and demonstrations.

Redeemed from War and Poverty: April's Harrowing Story Uganda
May 26, 2017 -

If you ever met 17-year-old April* from Uganda, I’m sure you would admire her strength. 

Meet the Boys Who Started a Library in Uganda Uganda
Mar 14, 2017 -

Junior and Bless Moses, two COTN® students in Uganda, love to read. They read several books a week. But supporting their reading habit was difficult, because COTN’s secondary school didn’t have a library. 

Photos: A Day in the Life of Two Ugandan Children Uganda
Jan 9, 2017 -

Meet Patty and Gwido. 

Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Uganda Uganda
Girl eating
Jan 3, 2017 -

Thanks to the generous donations of partners like you, children in COTN–Uganda were able to hold Christmas parties. They celebrated the birth of Jesus through dancing, nutritious meals, and gift giving.

Children were excited by the new clothes they received, but one of the very best presents was letters from the children’s sponsors.


Fun and Learning in Uganda: Photo Update Uganda
Uganda Scouts
Oct 5, 2016 -

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen a blog post about Uganda’s summer camp yet, it’s because Children of the Nations in Uganda holds their camp in December, during their break from school.

However, every summer COTN-Uganda celebrates Center Days, an event at our ministry site where children perform songs, dances, and skits for their families and the local community.

“Food was Just a Miracle in Our Home”: Flavia’s Story Uganda
Sep 12, 2016 -

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Flavia’s favorite story from the Bible is Job. Flavia’s own trials started early. Her parents died when she was very young. So she lived with her grandmother in a small village in Uganda. 

Andrew’s Story: “I No Longer Cry at Night but Sing Psalms in My Heart” Uganda
Aug 31, 2016 -

Andrew vividly remembers his life before COTN: “I could see my mom toiling hard for us, and this would break my heart because I knew she will not go far like that with us. And somehow, I wanted to join hands with her and help her do anything, even if it made no sense, but [I] just wanted to show her that it would be well with us. Yet at night, I would get in bed and weep so bitterly about myself and my sister’s future.”