News: Uganda

A Child's Story - Denis Omara of Uganda Uganda
Apr 16, 2009 -

"Before I came to COTN", says 12-year-old Denis Omara, one of the children currently living in our temporary Children’s Home in Lira, "my life in the village was full of fear of the rebels, as we would be running all the time, sleeping in the bush. At times rain would fall on us. I was always dirty and couldn't bother to keep myself clean," he remembers. "Our family couldn't get enough food to feed us. Because of this, we resorted to fishing, which barely was able to sustain our family."

A Child's Story – Hellen Apio of Uganda Uganda
Hellen aims her vision high
Apr 16, 2009 -

Nine-year-old Hellen Apio comes from the village of Barlonyo in Uganda. Her parents were both killed in a rebel attack in 2004 when the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels burned down their hut. Hellen herself barely escaped the fire, with scars to remind her of what had happened. With both of her parents gone, she was left to an aunt who eventually could not properly care of her.

JESUS Film Update Uganda
Children and adults watch the JESUS Film
Mar 20, 2009 -

Last month, the JESUS Film Ministry in Uganda conducted three showings of the film in connection with gospel crusades. After seeing the film, 107 children and 63 adults confessed Jesus Christ as Savior!

Uganda Children's Village Phase Two Underway! Uganda
Mar 20, 2009 -

With the financing for the construction of Phase One completed, we are now ready to move forward and begin raising funds for Phase Two! The plans for Phase One included purchasing and clearing the land, designing architectural plans, building the first seven children’s homes and constructing the first block of classrooms.

Uganda Children's Village Phase One Fundraising is Complete! Uganda
Feb 21, 2009 -

Children of the Nations recently received full funding for Phase One of our Uganda Children's Village Project! This is an important step as we move forward with raising children who will transform the nation of Uganda.

A New Beginning in Uganda Uganda
Jan 16, 2009 -

The New Year couldn’t have begun on a better note as a COTN-led Vision Team to Uganda and Malawi earlier this month celebrated the long-awaited groundbreaking of our new Children’s Village in Lira, Uganda.

Breaking Ground on a Children's Village in Uganda Uganda
Oct 31, 2008 -

As Children of the Nations continues ministering to orphaned and destitute children in Uganda, we are excited to announce that we have begun the process of establishing a permanent Children’s Village there!

Spotlight on Staff: Thomas Ojok (COTN–Uganda) Uganda
Sep 24, 2008 -

Thomas Ojok, better known as “Uncle Thomas,” lives in a Children of the Nations’ orphanage in Lira, Uganda with twenty-nine orphaned children. Thomas is there nearly all hours of the day, every day of the week. “They can come to me with any need,” he explains with a proud smile. His position as “Uncle” (a live-in houseparent) is one of great influence, and he serves as a parent and friend to the children.

Staff Spotlight – Jimmy Mao, COTN–Uganda Chief Driver Uganda
Aug 22, 2008 -

Jimmy Mao is fluent in nine different languages. He has thirteen years of civil engineering experience. He has adopted thirteen children. While impressive, these numbers only begin to tell the inspirational story of Jimmy Mao, the Chief Driver for Children of the Nations (COTN) in Lira, Uganda. Through years of civil war in his country and LRA terrorist attacks on his home and his family, Jimmy has learned that his survival and livelihood have always been in God’s hands.

Summer Medical Ministry Update Uganda
Aug 22, 2008 -

I left northern Uganda last year burdened with the knowledge that these amazing people have indeed been wounded. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. The internal trauma caused by the decades-long struggle against the Lord’s Resistance Army competed with external sores and scars. The treatment area was always lined with rows of children five or six deep, and both time and supplies were limited.