News: Uganda

A Child's Story: Sarah Akello of Uganda Uganda
Jun 22, 2011 -

Sarah Akello is affectionately known around Children of the Nations’ (COTN) Uganda Children’s Village as Short Sarah (not to be confused with Tall Sarah). Reserved, considerate, and a natural caretaker, she can be found serving others by sweeping the compound or cooking—two of her favorite activities. Visitors meeting this well-adjusted 11-year-old have no outward hint to her tremulous past.

A Child's Story: Geoffrey Ogweng - Rescued from the Streets of Uganda Uganda
Jun 9, 2011 -

After the death of his parents, Geoffrey Ogweng found it hard to survive under the care of his wild elder sister at Kichope Village in Lira District, Uganda. Oftentimes he would escape to the streets of Lira town in search of a better life. Life was so hard for Geoffrey because his elder sister always punished and beat him. The trauma inflicted on him made him mentally unsound; he looked very abnormal and some people thought he was mad.

Sponsorship Makes a Difference for a Child in Uganda Uganda
May 27, 2011 -

Lameck Olwit loves getting letters. That's why he's thrilled when Hardson Ongura, Children of the Nations–Uganda Sponsorship Coordinator, hands him five letters in one day. Lameck opens each letter carefully, poring over the contents slowly in spite of the growing crowd of children gathering around to see what he’s got. "It's raining there in their country day and night," Lameck says, summarizing one letter, "so it's hard for them to stay outside."

Uganda Village Partnership Program Provides for a Child's Education Uganda
May 13, 2011 -

The pile of bricks near Job Olwol’s house is evidence of what the 8-year-old wants to be when he grows up. “A builder,” Job says in a shy voice, his big eyes turning toward the ground. Job has been making the mud bricks used to build houses in his village in Uganda for quite some time. The motivated young man decided on his own one day to start making the bricks. He says he’s making them for “anybody interested in buying them.” His mother, Middy, smiles and says, “It’s training for him.”

Art Contest Gives Children the Chance to Help Children Uganda
Apr 28, 2011 -

Monica Atim came to live at Children of the Nations’ (COTN) Lira Children’s Home in Lira, Uganda, in 2007, at age 7. She was shy and quiet in the unfamiliar environment, but soon began to make friends with the other children. Unbeknownst to Monica at the time, God was planning to bring even more friends into her life, from across the world. Those friends would be inspired to help Monica and other children in need, and they would do so through creative means.

New Wiring Sheds Light on Children's Studies in Uganda Uganda
Apr 28, 2011 -

It’s almost 7:30pm on a school night in Lira, Uganda, and the sun is setting. Second-grader Joseph Aweri and several other children at Children of the Nations' (COTN) Uganda Children’s Village have finished their dinner and chores, but they need a little more time to complete their homework. As the room where the children study grows dark, one of the older boys lights a kerosene lamp. But Joseph still has to bend close to the paper to see what he’s writing.

Village Partnership Program off to Great Start in Uganda Uganda
Apr 6, 2011 -

When Barbra didn’t show up for class, her teachers at the Children of the Nations (COTN) primary school in Lira, Uganda, grew concerned. They sent staff members to visit her at home, in the village of Anai-Okii, and found she was sick with a rash. Unable to afford medical care, Barbra’s family had not sought treatment. But with help from COTN–Uganda’s new staff nurse, Barbra is now healthy and back in school with her friends.

Children Receive New Van in Uganda Uganda
Children explore the new van.
Mar 16, 2011 -

The children at Children of the Nations’ (COTN) Uganda Children’s Village in Lira, Uganda, gathered in excitement around their new yellow van when it rolled into town last month. They leapt in and out of the vehicle and bounced on its colorful seats decorated with cartoon rabbits, monkeys, and bears. “They were pretty excited,” says COTN–International Uganda Liaison Sylvia Taussig of Oklahoma City, who was in Lira when the van arrived.

A Child Story: Betty of Uganda Uganda
Feb 10, 2011 -

This is Betty's first year attending school—even though she’s 13 years old. Despite her shyness at being the tallest and oldest in her primary two class (equivalent to American grade 3), she’s quickly getting used to school and loving it. “I was very happy because now I’m going to study,” she says of her reaction when she first started school this year.