News: Uganda

Children Receive Christmas Letters in Uganda Uganda
The Ugandan children were excited to get letters from their sponsors, and equally excited to write back.  If you write a letter to your sponsored child, they will always write you back!
Jan 23, 2012 -

Just after Christmas, Children of the Nations (COTN) staff members Andy and Sylvia Taussig loaded up hundreds of pounds of mail and gifts, and headed off to Uganda for a special Christmas delivery. This year they had more mail than ever before—hundreds of sponsors responded to the call to send a personalized Christmas card to their sponsored child.

A Christmas to Remember: The Gift of Goats Uganda
Dec 15, 2011 -

Last Christmas was an exciting day for 11-year-old Innocent and all his brothers and sisters at the Children of the Nations (COTN) Uganda Children's Village. One kind woman on the other side of the world had opened her heart, and sent them a gift through COTN's Gift Catalog. That Christmas the children received one of the greatest gifts ever—seven goats.

The Faithful Harvester: Samuel's Story Uganda
Dec 8, 2011 -

Like most of the children in the Children of the Nations (COTN) Uganda Children's Village, Samuel Ekel, who is now seventeen, lost his home and family during the rebel war that ravaged northern Uganda over the last two decades. Homeless, and with only their grandmother to care for them, Samuel and his sister moved to an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp near Anai-Okii, Uganda.

Orphaned for Lack of Medical Care, Peter Dreams of Becoming a Doctor Uganda
Nov 28, 2011 -

Peter was born at a time when life was fragile in northern Uganda. In 2000, the rebel war was in full swing, and everyone was on the run, fleeing attacks on small, vulnerable villages. Out in the bush, medical care was non-existent, and transportation difficult. Peter was lucky that his birth went smoothly.

Denis Explains Why He is Grateful for His Sponsors Uganda
Nov 22, 2011 -

For Denis, the word money meant something his family never had enough of. After the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), a rebel army that terrorized the villages of northern Uganda for over a decade, attacked Denis' village and killed his father, Denis and his family struggled to survive. "Our mother sometimes used to go and work for people by plowing the gardens, and she was given money," remembers Denis, who is now 15. "When she didn't do that, we slept without food."

Sponsorship Fights Child Trafficking at Its Roots: Ruthie's Story Uganda
Nov 4, 2011 -

Ruthie* was scared when both her parents died and she was sent off from her village in eastern Uganda to live with distant relatives in the big city of Kampala. Ruthie had never met these relatives, but at the very least she expected to be treated as a fellow human being in their home. She had no idea she was about to become a domestic servant.

From Closing Fee To Clean Water: How God Miraculously Provided a Well in Uganda Uganda
Oct 14, 2011 -

Our children in Uganda are proud of their well. Not only does it provide them with fresh, clean water for drinking, bathing, washing, and cooking, but it is also one of the only sources of water for their entire community. Children of the Nations (COTN) is firm on its policy of sharing the well with everyone in the surrounding community, but it is overused—sometimes twenty-five to fifty people will be lined up at the pump.

First-Ever “Center Day” Brings Laughter, Love, and Transformation to Ugandan Village Uganda
Oct 5, 2011 -

Mercy Auma loves being a part of the Children of the Nations family. She loves coming to school, going to church, and participating in all of COTN’s ministries in her home community of Lira, Uganda. So she was especially thrilled when this summer, for the first time ever, COTN invited the family she lives with—her aunt and six cousins—to spend a Saturday with the whole COTN family: staff members, Venture Team participants, and of course, all the children under COTN’s care.

Ugandans and Americans Join Forces to Build a Home for a Child Uganda
Sep 9, 2011 -

Jonnathan Odongo lived in a one-room grass-thatched house with his widowed mother, aunt, five brothers, and three sisters. The roof leaked every time it rained, and the walls were weak, threatening to fall in at any time. After Jonnathan’s father died, there was no hope of reconstruction—his mother was weak and sick, and no one in his family had the money or strength to fix their crumbling home.

A Child's Story – Miriam Amule of Uganda Uganda
Since she became a part of COTN, Miriam says she knows someone cares.
Sep 8, 2011 -

Miriam doesn’t remember her parents—they both died when she was very young. When Miriam’s mother, her last living relative, passed away, Miriam had no one to care for her. Since Miriam was so young and had nowhere to go, the nurse who had cared for Miriam’s sick mother took her in. But this woman soon grew tired of caring for Miriam, who was a sickly child, never seeming to recover from one illness before falling sick again. The nurse didn’t send Miriam to school, saying she had no money for school fees, but instead made her stay home, fetching water and working in the house all day.