News: Uganda

Children in Uganda Say "Glory Be to God for the Land!" Uganda
May 17, 2012 -

This January, the children we serve in Uganda celebrated because generous Children of the Nations (COTN) partners gave them an incredible gift.  Our partners provided for the purchase of a strategic piece of land, which will allow for the expansion of our Uganda farm and provide the space to build additional structures, like a sports field and offices, to bless our children.

Out of Poverty to Lead her Peers: Hanna's Story Uganda
May 3, 2012 -

Singled out by her teachers and peers for her school performance and natural leadership, Hanna of Uganda has a lot to be proud of.  But the tall, quiet fourteen-year-old has a strong sense of humility when sharing her life story.  Her shy smile is small at first, but soon breaks across her whole face as she speaks of the love Children of the Nations (COTN) partners and in-country staff members have shown her.  Hanna has three sponsors whom she names without hesitation:  "Adam, and his wife Nicole; another is called Dave, and his wife

Good News for all People: Audio Bibles Bless Nations Uganda
Apr 25, 2012 -

Children of the Nations (COTN) Consultant Manager Andy Taussig was showing the JESUS film deep in rural Sierra Leone when he first came up with the idea of distributing audio Bibles.  "Hundreds of people were raising their hands wanting to follow Jesus," Andy recounts.  "But there were no pastors or evangelists in the region that would be going back to follow up, there was no church for them to attend, they couldn't read, and in some cases there were no other believers in their villages!  How would they get the spiritual food necessary to know how to follow Jesus?"  

A Chance to Learn: Lawrence's Story Uganda
Apr 20, 2012 -

Imagine growing up in a house with no adults.  This has been 10-year-old Lawrence's reality for as long as he can remember, and sadly is not uncommon in northern Uganda, where a two-decade-long rebel war has decimated the adult population.   Lawrence's father was a soldier and both his parents became sick and died in the army barracks.  Without parents, Lawrence's older cousin has taken on the role of both father and mother in their tiny, grass-thatched home.  The family relies on subsistence farming for food, which means when th

Rising Above His Circumstances to Help Others: Lameck's Story Uganda
Apr 2, 2012 -

Lameck remembers the exact time he was invited to live in the Children of the Nations (COTN) Uganda Children's Village.  He was living in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp because he had lost his home to the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group that destroyed homes and families in northern Uganda for nearly two decades.  Lameck's mother was murdered by the LRA, and his father killed by a band of cattle raiders.  In the camp, Lameck lived with his aunt, grandmother, and other siblings and cousins—all huddled into one tiny temporary grass h

Caring for the Children Left in Kony's Wake Uganda
Mar 12, 2012 -

A recent viral video, Kony 2012, has focused mass attention on the rebel leader Joseph Kony, the atrocities he has committed in northern Uganda, and the terror his band of rebels continue to inflict from their exile in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  This video, created by the organization Invisible Children, has generated awareness and compassion, as well as controversy.  In light of this controversy, many people are asking how they can get involved beyond awareness and make a difference in the lives of the children affected by Kony's army.  

"God is a Miracle Worker": Ritah's Story Uganda
Mar 5, 2012 -

For as long as she can remember, Ritah has been an orphan.  She's heard about her parents, but they died before she was old enough to remember them.  Mostly, Ritah remembers being lonely and neglected—her aunt took her in, but couldn't care for her.

A Home and a Bed: Oscar's Story Uganda
Feb 23, 2012 -

War broke up Oscar's family.  Born in the middle of a rebel war that destabilized northern Uganda for over two decades, Oscar was abandoned by his mother at only two years old.  His father was a soldier and couldn't care for him, so he brought Oscar to live with his grandmother.  Oscar never saw his father again.

Solomon Sets an Example of Creativity and Generosity Uganda
Feb 10, 2012 -

Growing up in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, Solomon lived with the frustration of never having enough, and never being able to provide for himself and his family. Solomon's parents died during the rebel war that ravaged the northern part of Uganda for over two decades. Living with his grandmother in the camp, Solomon desperately wanted to provide for her and his younger cousins, but earning a living in the camp was next to impossible. "Life was hard," he says. "There was no food."

Building a Better Future: Emmanuel's Story Uganda
Jan 27, 2012 -

Emmanuel's life was not easy before he came to Children of the Nations (COTN). Emmanuel lost both of his parents at a young age, and was left in the care of his uncle. But sadly, Emmanuel's uncle saw him as an extra hand for labor, not as a child who needed to be nurtured, educated, and cared for. "Life was not very easy with my uncle because there was a lot of work for me," he explains. "My responsibility at my age was grazing animals, and sometimes I was beaten for not taking good care of the animals." Emmanuel was only eight years old when all this was expected of him.