News: Uganda

No Longer Too Poor for School: Jillian's Story Uganda
Jillian is back in school thanks to partners and sponsors like you.
Oct 22, 2012 -

Jillian was born out of the rebel war that devastated northern Uganda—the child of a traveling refugee and a young fisherwoman.  When the long war came to an end, her father returned to his home village, leaving Jillian's mother to fend for herself and the baby she would soon deliver.  Determined to protect her young child, Jillian's mother returned to her parents' home for support.  But when Jillian was still a toddler, her mother died suddenly, from what her family thinks was food poisoning.

A Story of Healing through Play Uganda
Lauren “Ellie” Kaiser is serving as a consultant in Uganda for six months.
Oct 3, 2012 -

This summer, Dr. Amy Wickstrom, a licensed Marital and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapy Supervisor from Orange County, CA, traveled to Uganda to set up a lay counseling program to help the children under Children of the Nations' (COTN) care work through some of their past trauma through sessions based on play therapy.  Two consultants stayed on after Dr.

First Uganda Medical Team Brings Healing Uganda
Members of the medical team provided treatment and medication for children.
Sep 24, 2012 -

Jamin Eggert was visiting patients in a Ugandan hospital last month when he was pulled aside into a room. There, a young boy named Immanuel lay twitching uncontrollably. Since suffering a bicycle accident, Immanuel had not been in control of his bodily functions. He was unable to speak or follow commands. Jamin began praying for Immanuel alongside one of the pastors accompanying Jamin and the team of medical volunteers visiting Uganda from San Diego’s Flood church. Moments later, the boy was able to speak and follow commands.

"My Sponsored Child is Real": A Couple Gains Perspective on a Trip to Uganda Uganda
Tyler and Jenn say their perspective on sponsorship changed once they met Arnold
Sep 10, 2012 -

You might be skeptical about child sponsorship. Does the money you send really benefit your child? Is it making a difference in his or her life? You're not the only one who has these questions. "I am a total skeptic," admits Jenn Jones, who sponsors a boy named Arnold in Uganda. "We got letters, but I wasn't sure whether our money was going to him, or whether he was even real." Jenn's husband Tyler chuckles as he remembers trying to hang their sponsored child's photo on the fridge.

A Voice for the Orphans: Vicky's Story Uganda
Aug 30, 2012 -

Every morning Vicky got up, washed herself, and put on her school uniform.  As all the other children in her village headed off to school, Vicky would poke her head out of her home and start down the road.  But as the other children continued on to school, laughing together as they discussed yesterday's lesson, Vicky would linger under a tree.  There she sat all day, playing with the other children who could not afford to attend school.  Vicky had started school at the nearby government school, but her aunt could not afford the fees for her to continue.  "As a way o

Three Recent Orphans Find a New Family at COTN's Uganda Children's Village Uganda
Aug 7, 2012 -

As the oldest of three young boys with a very sick mother, 11-year-old Aldo had to grow up fast.  All three boys were sponsored through Children of the Nations' (COTN) Village Partnership Program in Anai-Okii, Uganda, which meant they were able to go to COTN's school every day, and received supplemental meals, resources, and support from COTN in-country staff.  Even with the help, the burden was great—both physically and emotionally—on Aldo.

"Rescuing Life:" Monica's Story Uganda
Jul 23, 2012 -

Growing up in northern Uganda at a time of great instability and insecurity, Monica's parents did what most families were doing.  To ensure their protection from the rebel armies, Monica's parents moved their family to an Internally Displaced Persons Camp.  Guarded by a small detachment of government soldiers, the Barlonyo camp was supposed to be the safest place to live.  But when the rebels attacked Barlonyo on February 21, 2004, most of the soldiers were not around to protect the thousands of civilians who had taken refuge there. 

It Takes a Village to Build a School Uganda
Jul 13, 2012 -

In May, forty-two Ugandan students began school for the first time in real classrooms.  As they settled into their new desks and marveled over the huge blackboard, the children rejoiced at the way people all over the world came together to give them this gift.  And as the workers broke ground on yet another classroom building in early July, the children could finally see the day when every single student—all 324 of them—will have a proper classroom to study in.

The Difference Food Makes: Tonny's Story Uganda
Jun 13, 2012 -

Tonny's days were long and hard after his father died.  His mother succumbed to the stress of single-handedly providing for a family in Uganda, and became mentally unstable.  She would go into town to search for food for her children and often not return for days.  Tonny became very familiar with the feeling of hunger and the uncertainty of not knowing when his next meal would be.  He missed an entire year of school because his mother couldn't afford the fees.

Sarah of Uganda Explains the Difference Clean Water Makes Uganda
Jun 1, 2012 -

Twelve-year-old Sarah remembers walking a mile round-trip to gather water from a stream in her village of Anai-Okii, Uganda.  Upstream, mothers would wash their babies or do their laundry, contaminating the water.  Some families spent their money on water disinfectant tablets, others couldn't afford them and simply drank the dirty water.  "Once, I missed school for a whole week because I was weak and had to go under treatment for parasitic infection," remembers Sarah, thinking back to the days when she had no other option but to drink uncl