News: Uganda

A Day in the Life of a Ugandan Child Uganda
Partners like you help children in Africa have access to clean water
Mar 13, 2013 -

The day begins early for Guido, as it does for most children living in the Ugandan village of Anai-Okii.  He gets up at 6 a.m. to fetch water for the morning. Guido is blessed—because of partners like you who helped build a well right in his village.  He doesn't have to go far, and the water he draws is fresh and safe to drink. 

From the Lips of Children: Fiona and Friends Initiate Door-to-Door Evangelism Uganda
Children in Uganda pray
Mar 6, 2013 -

When we think about raising children who transform nations, often we think that will happen down the road, once the children grow up and get jobs.  But children like Fiona aren't waiting to grow up to share the love, growth, and transformation God has brought into their lives through partners like you. 

Portraits of Hope: Children Capture Their Lives on Film Uganda
The children pasted their photos on paper and wrote some things about themselves
Feb 27, 2013 -

In January, my Venture Team had the pleasure of teaching the kids in COTN's Uganda Children’s Village simple design elements and aspects of photography at a skills camp. We brought a Fujifilm Instax camera, which is your modern-day inexpensive version of a Polaroid, to introduce the children to self-portraits. We explained the concept, and the kids rushed to form a line to have their pictures taken.

Head of the Household at Eight: Emmanuel's Story Uganda
Emmanuel and his "brother" Denis at COTN's Uganda Children's Village.
Feb 13, 2013 -

In Uganda, diseases and war have killed so many parents that child-headed households are not rare.  But Emmanuel's situation was especially bad.  Emmanuel's father died when Emmanuel was seven and left his mother with a nursing baby.  When one year later his mother also passed away, Emmanuel was left to care for the baby and a younger sister.  "I had to parent my siblings," Emmanuel shares.  "I had to go into the bush looking for wild fruits and vegetables to prepare as meals," he remembers.  "This would make me weep a lot."

"Even an Orphan Can Reach A Place of Honor": Mary's Story Uganda
Jan 14, 2013 -

When you first meet fourteen-year-old Mary, it takes her a while to warm up.  She's shy and soft-spoken, and only shares once she knows a person well.  So you'd be surprised when she quietly tells you she wants to become a pilot one day.  "I see very few people in this field," she explains, "and most of them are men."  Mary is determined to be one of the first female Ugandan pilots. 

You're Transforming Lives from the Inside Out Uganda
Marie came to know God when her prayer to go to school was answered
Jan 4, 2013 -

It’s not hard to see the difference you make in the day-to-day lives of the children we serve together.  Through your partnership, you are providing food, education, and basic necessities for thousands of children. But underneath these outward signs of change and success, a deeper transformation is happening. In each of our countries, staff members are teaching children about God and His love for them. Though the children do not have to be Christians to receive care, they are encouraged to learn, ask questions, and discover their faith for themselves.  

Thanks to You, Thirty-two Students Graduate in Uganda Uganda
Patty proudly wears her cap and gown at the nursery school graduation in Uganda.
Dec 28, 2012 -

On December 1, 2012, thirty-two of our youngest students in Uganda graduated from nursery school. It's because of your care that they have the incredible head start of early childhood education. With your continued support, they will continue on to primary school, and one day, they will begin secondary school and may even go on to university. This first step is a big accomplishment in this country.

Next Stop for Janet: High School Uganda
Janet relaxes at the Uganda Children's Village.
Dec 11, 2012 -

This month, Janet will graduate from seventh grade and prepare to begin secondary school.  If you asked her five years ago if she could ever imagine graduating, Janet would have shaken her head in disbelief.  Her main focus back then was finding one meal each day.  She had no time or energy to dream about her goals—and graduating from primary school seemed nearly impossible.  

My Sense of Humanity is Back, Because of You: Robbin's Story Uganda
Today, Robbin says his sense of humanity is back
Nov 30, 2012 -

Human is the last word you would use to describe the wreckage of family and community in which Robbin grew up.  He was born in Barlonyo, an Internally Displaced Persons camp in northern Uganda, supposedly a safe haven from northern Uganda's worst terrorists: the Lord's Resistance Army.  

Small Nets Make Big Differences Uganda
Harron and mother with their mosquito net
Nov 19, 2012 -

You've probably heard the saying, "If you don't think small things can make a big difference, try spending the night with a mosquito in the room."