Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Uganda

Christmas in Uganda may not have snow, decked-out trees, and twinkling lights—but it’s still a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Thanks to your generous support, children in Uganda had a fun Christmas party! They all enjoyed delicious food, played games, sang worship songs, and listened to a sermon about what it means that God is with us. And every child received new clothes and shoes as Christmas gifts.
Enjoy these photos from the party that you made possible!
Students enjoy food
Children ate tasty food and had fun socializing. For students who attend schools far away, this was an extra special time to reunite with friends.
Children eat food
Dalton smiles for the camera
                  Christmas is a chance for children to enjoy special treats like soda!
Children play tug-of-war
                                          Even the grown-ups joined the fun games.
Everyone dances together
                  It wouldn’t be a Children of the Nations party without some dancing!
Children listen to a sermon
Children learned about the meaning of the name “Emmanuel” and why it is so important that God is with us.
Children worship with song and dance
                            Children worshipped God with singing and dancing.
The Christmas Cake
        Every great party needs a cake! It reads, “Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year 2019.”
Children cut the Christmas cake
Thank you for sharing the love of Christ with children in Uganda. This fun party was only possible because you cared!