Wordless Wednesday: Dance Break!


COTN children and staff love to dance. Dancing has an important place in the culture of each COTN country. Below you will find photos of traditional dances and contemporary choreography; you'll see young women showing off their ability to balance pots on their heads and crowds dancing with chairs. Any time there's something to celebrate, there's a reason to dance.

We hope these photos bring a smile to your face and encourage you to take a little dance break yourself. Thank you for bringing joy to children in need!

Little boy dancing

Children dancing in Malawi

Dancing with chairs in Uganda


Sierra Leonean girl dances

Choreographed dancing in Haiti

Dancing in Uganda


Children dancing in Malawi

Traditional dancing in Sierra Leone

Traditional dancing in the Dominican Republic

Young women in Uganda can jump and dance while balancing pots

P.S. Want to see videos of the children dancing? Check out our "Dance Party!" Facebook playlist!