Redeemed from War and Poverty: April's Harrowing Story


If you ever met 17-year-old April* from Uganda, I’m sure you would admire her strength. 

On the eve of her fourth birthday, April’s family was murdered by rebels in Uganda’s civil war. “When the rebels came, they started killing people, shooting people with guns, and cutting people with pangas [machetes]” April recalls. 
April’s family tried to hide in their hut, but it was no use. The rebels set fire to April’s house, with her in it.
“We ran with my mom, outside, for protection. We were fearing to be burnt by fire,” April continues, looking down at the scars on her arms. “After we reached the front of the grass-thatched house, they shot my mom. She was dead.”
April ran from the village and hid in the bushes. The next morning, she returned and found death everywhere. 
For the next three years, April lived with an aunt whose children were killed by the rebels. But that’s where you, as a COTN partner, enter April’s story.
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Against all odds, April is overcoming the atrocities she experienced as a small child. When you talk to her, her boldness and courage shine through.
In 2007, thanks to the love and care of COTN partners like you, April came to live in our Uganda Children’s Homes. She no longer lives in fear. These homes and the school she attends were built through the generosity of people like you.
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Being in COTN’s program means April receives holistic care—addressing her physical, social, spiritual, and educational needs. She’s had counseling to help her deal with her childhood trauma, so she can grow up knowing she has dignity and her life matters.
Just like any other child, April sometimes gets sick. When she lived in the village with her aunt, there wasn’t much she could do to get better. But today, thanks to generous partners like you, April has healing when she is sick. 
Your Gift Today Will Double to Remind Children That God Loves Them.
When April came into COTN’s care she said to herself, “I could not believe that God could do that for me.” She was overwhelmed by God’s love, shown to her by the many people like you who have been part of this team that is raising children who transform nations.
“I used not to study. I used not to put on good clothing. There’s no one who used to care for me,” April recalls. “But COTN had someone who could care for me, give me good clothing, and treat me when I’m sick. So I just want to thank God for what He has done in my life.”  
Thank you (twice as much as ever) for being part of what God is doing in the lives of children like April.
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*This child's name has been changed to protect her, and her picture does not appear in this story.