Photos: A Day in the Life of Two Ugandan Children


Meet Patty and Gwido. 

Patty (pictured below) lives in COTN's Children's Homes here in Uganda. She has a house mother, aunties, and many sisters and brothers who live with her.
Gwido (below) lives just down the road from Patty, in a village called Anai-Okii. He's in COTN's Village Partnership Program. He lives with his grandma, aunt, sisters, and brothers in a pair of small huts. 
Patty and Gwido both have caring sponsors and staff members who help provide for their needs. 
Like every other child in Uganda, Patty and Gwido stay very busy. Let's follow along to see what they're up to today!
Gwido rises with the sun, at 6 a.m. He gets ready for school and does his morning chores, including sweeping in front of his family's huts.
Sometimes Gwido helps his sister carry water from the local well, just down the path from their huts.
Patty gets ready for school with her COTN brothers and sisters in the Children's Homes. Just like Gwido, she does chores around the house in the mornings.
At about 7 a.m., Gwido sets off for COTN's school. He lives close by, so it's only a five-minute walk. For most other children in this large village, it's a much longer walk.
Patty heads to class too. The COTN school is just across campus from where the Children's Homes are located, so her walk is really short!
Before class can begin, the students help clean up the campus. This is common at schools in Uganda. Today, Gwido's chore is sweeping and collecting debris (above) and Patty's chore is mopping.
Now it's time to learn! Patty and Gwido are thankful to study at the best school in the area, where the children get a good education, learn about their country and culture, and even receive two meals. As a Christian school, COTN also sets aside time each week for devotions.
There's a long line for lunch today! The children are happy they get a healthy breakfast and lunch at school every day. 
Between classes today, Patty takes a break to write to her sponsors, thanking them for helping to provide for her food, education, shelter, and more.
After school, at about 4 p.m., it's time to do laundry. Each child usually has just two school uniforms, so it's important to take care of them.
In the evening, Patty and Gwido cook dinner, eat, and spend time with their family and friends.
Then it's time to go to sleep before doing it all over again tomorrow. Good night!