Fun and Learning in Uganda: Photo Update


If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen a blog post about Uganda’s summer camp yet, it’s because Children of the Nations in Uganda holds their camp in December, during their break from school.

However, every summer COTN-Uganda celebrates Center Days, an event at our ministry site where children perform songs, dances, and skits for their families and the local community.

Check out some highlights below:

The Uganda Scouts Association marched in with the visitors to begin the Center Day activities.

Among the games played were sack races. (You might notice that some Venture team participants joined the fun.)

The children also played a game where they were spun around while blindfolded before racing to pick up a soda bottle across the field. A lot of laughter followed their wobbling attempts.

blindfold challenge

blindfold challenge continues

The children built various human formations together. Here’s their pyramid.

Human pyramid

One of the teachers led the program with Hanna, a child from our Children's Home, interpreting.

The children danced to a song. One of the secondary boys was brave enough to dance on stilts!

more dancing on stilts

The second-grade class put on a skit. (The boy in the chair pretended to read the newspaper, while the boy behind the chair pretended to steal drinks from his soda.) This was an audience favorite!

Thank you for caring for children in Uganda!