“Food was Just a Miracle in Our Home”: Flavia’s Story


Perhaps it’s no surprise that Flavia’s favorite story from the Bible is Job. Flavia’s own trials started early. Her parents died when she was very young. So she lived with her grandmother in a small village in Uganda. 

                     Young Flavia was not able to attend school until she came to Children of the Nations.
Before COTN, Flavia says that, while her grandmother worked hard to care for her, “There was totally no future because she could not afford my [school] fees.” With barely enough money for food and not even enough for shoes, an education was out of the question.
Flavia remembers, “I would see other children come to school and [I would] come sit by the road side just to wave a good-bye to them but had no hope of joining them because my grandmom told me there was no money.”
Each day, Flavia’s grandmother would wake up at 5:30 a.m. so she could leave in time for her job as a street sweeper. Flavia would then wait until it was warm enough to leave their shared bedding. When she got up, there was no breakfast.
“I had nothing,” Flavia remembers, “so I was at the mercy of some of my friends who would bring me a piece of cassava [a starchy root vegetable] or anything their mother gives them.”
Sometimes, her grandmother would not even get paid for her work. Flavia explains, “We would sometimes miss a meal or take only hot water and some piece of sweet potatoes because my grandmom could not afford the whole meal.”
Most of the time, Flavia would be left at home, alone, while her grandmother worked in town. But sometimes her grandmother would bring her to town and put her to work begging on a street corner. Flavia says, “Such days would be our best because she tops up the money so she buys milk too to add to our diet.” But even this occasional extra income was barely enough to keep Flavia and her grandmother fed. 
Like Job, Flavia found that “Each day had its own struggle, and my life was very miserable.” She says, “I faced each day with no hope of eating anything, food was just a miracle in our home.”
When Flavia was seven years old, her grandmother learned about COTN and came to the COTN office and talked to “Uncle Chris” (COTN founder, Chris Clark). Not long afterward, Flavia was brought to the COTN office to begin the sponsorship process.
                                           Now Flavia has the food and education she needs to succeed. 
Now, Flavia no longer has to beg for money. She no longer sits by the side of the road, watching other children heading to school. She says, “[I] am excited about what COTN has done in my life because physically [I] am healthy. . . . [I] am also happier because I don’t have to worry about my school fees.”
Flavia now has plenty of food to eat at COTN’s school. “Even if I go home and my grandmom has no food for supper, I don’t worry much because [I] am always served [a] heavy lunch,” she says. “I also have my blanket and mosquito net provided for me by COTN, so I no longer share a bed with my grandma. I feel my life is different because of COTN.”
Flavia wants to thank her sponsors “for meeting all my scholastic needs and for writing to me letters.”
When she grows up, Flavia wants to “be a business woman” and “build houses for the widows and support them financially.” And she asks that you pray for her “that I may stay in school to finish my studies.”
Flavia says that, through COTN, “I have learnt that God is a caring God and provider of everything.”
And she explains why Job is her favorite story: “It teaches me that there are moments of sorrow, but if we endure by God’s side, we get a good destiny.” 
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