Andrew’s Story: “I No Longer Cry at Night but Sing Psalms in My Heart”


Andrew vividly remembers his life before COTN: “I could see my mom toiling hard for us, and this would break my heart because I knew she will not go far like that with us. And somehow, I wanted to join hands with her and help her do anything, even if it made no sense, but [I] just wanted to show her that it would be well with us. Yet at night, I would get in bed and weep so bitterly about myself and my sister’s future.”

Andrew’s parents were divorced, and at first, he was sent to live with his father, but his new stepmother began to mistreat him and his sister, so they escaped to join their mother. To support her children, Andrew’s mother moved to a small Ugandan village to work for a rich man. Andrew felt helpless as he watched his mother toil to feed their family. Andrew’s mother was supposed to be paid after each day’s work, but sometimes her employer would go two days without paying her.


Impoverished children like Andrew often suffer in silence, just trying to get through each day without enough food or other resources.


“That would mean no food at home,” Andrew says, “and when I notice that, I would pretend [to] have eaten at a friend’s home and put on a very happy face, yet [I] am starving but. . .I would not want her to see so she can be at peace with our lack.”


Andrew’s mother tried to budget for school fees, sometimes putting less food on the table to make payments, but it was easy to fall behind. Andrew used to slip into school after the roll-call so they wouldn’t notice he was attending while he was behind on his school fees.


Andrew recalls: “Other children would come home for lunch at 1:00 p.m., but I would hang around school pretending to be busy playing football till I get back to class at 2:00 p.m., without lunch.”

When Andrew came into COTN's care in 2014, he says his life changed dramatically. He wants to thank his sponsors "for intervening and affecting my life positively."


“All my life before COTN was full of pretense and hidden bitterness, but my story has changed now” says Andrew.

Andrew enjoys working with machines, and by the age of ten, he was working with the mechanical equipment at his church. It was at church that a COTN Venture team member saw how helpful 15-year-old Andrew was and asked to be allowed to sponsor him. After learning about Andrew’s story, COTN added him to our program.


Andrew now attends COTN's Marani Honors boarding school. His favorite subjects are geography and mathematics. He says, “I love attending to machines, ensuring that they are safe and clean.” When he grows up, Andrew wants to be either a pilot or a politician.

Andrew says the COTN sponsorship program “has changed my story, [I] no longer cry at night but sing psalms in my heart and worship God on my bed and thank him for my studies, [for] relieving my mom. . . ."


Andrew says he wants to thank his sponsor “for intervening and affecting my life positively. My story has changed, and I thank him for his obedience to the voice of God, that [he] chose to sponsor me among many needy children around the globe.”


Today, Andrew says being part of COTN's child sponsorship program "has changed my story. I no longer cry at night but sing psalms in my heart and worship God."

Eventually, Andrew wants to set up a self-help project for women “so that even the lowest illiterate woman can have a source of income for self-sustainability.”


Andrew asks that you pray he would have a “spirit of excellency” in his studies so that he can achieve his dreams and become a pilot.

Andrew says, “I have learnt that God doesn’t abandon His children; He cares for us a lot.” It’s through the support of partners like you that desperate children like Andrew meet the love of God.

Thank you for all the ways you are sharing this love with children!

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