Photos from Christmas in Uganda


Christmas was exciting in Uganda!

The children at our Children's Homes had a Christmas celebration, complete with a special meal and treats (plus a cake from a bonus birthday celebration!). As a special surprise, the best behaved children in each house received a special gift from their house mother. The kids in our Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program also had the chance to eat a Christmas meal, dance, sing, and play games. All COTN-Uganda children were able to pick out a new outfit as a special Christmas gift thanks to the generosity of their sponsors.
A focus at each event was recognizing that Jesus is the reason for the season and thanking God and their sponsors for all they have been blessed to receive.
Enjoy these photos of the children!
                                             COTN-Uganda students enjoyed a special Christmas meal.
                                                                   Festivities included singing ...
                                                                          ... and dancing!
                    The festivities were extra special for those children who share a birthday month with Jesus!
                                 The most disciplined students received a special gift from their house mother.
                                      Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, all kids received a new outfit!
                                    Everyone enjoyed a Christmas celebration full of happiness and laughter!
                               Thank you for bringing love and smiles to the children this Christmas season!