Ugandan Children Take a Trip to the Source of the Nile River


Uganda is a beautiful country, full of historical and natural landmarks, including the source of the Nile River and Lake Victoria, the largest lake on the continent of Africa. 

But most of our students have never traveled much further than walking distance from their village and our school. That's why it's become a tradition for COTN's seventh-grade class to take a study tour. Come see the sights of Uganda with them as you enjoy these pictures!

                                                    The students all loaded up in a bus and ready to go!

                                       The students walking down to see the Nile River for the first time. 

The Nile River begins in Uganda, and its source is a tourist attraction. It was exciting for the students to get to see this famous part of their country. 

The kids got to take a boat ride on the Nile. This was the first boat ride many of them have ever taken, and some were a little nervous. 

                                              The boat ride turned out to be fun for everyone!

                    When the students saw Lake Victoria for the first time, they rushed down to touch the water.

                                                    Spending the morning walking along the lake.

                                             Our primary school senior class in front of Lake Victoria.

The trip also included a visit to Kampala Zoo, where children got to see animals native to Uganda. Even though these animals live in their country, most students had never seen them before.

The students also visited an agricultural institute and learned about seeds, grafting, and irrigation systems. They took lots of notes!

                    At a museum, the children saw the first car taken over to Uganda, a 1925 Ford Model T.

When it was time to leave, the bus wouldn't go in reverse. The students had to give it a little help, then they were on their way home. 

Thank you to all of the sponsors and everyone else who made this trip possible!