Ritah Finds Hope and a Home through Sponsorship


Ritah’s life was a challenge before she even opened her eyes. Her father died of malaria before she was born, leaving Ritah with only her mother for support and protection in her Ugandan village. Five years later, Ritah’s mother also passed away, and Ritah went to live with her aunt.

Unfortunately, Ritah’s aunt was too sickly to take care of her. She couldn’t afford basic necessities, and Ritah did most of the household chores by herself. Her young age made it difficult for her to meet her aunt’s cleaning standards, and as a result, Ritah’s aunt punished her almost every day. 
Before she came into COTN’s child sponsorship program, Ritah faced a difficult life of exhausting chores and malnutrition.
Before long, Ritah’s aunt succumbed to her sickness, and a different aunt took over Ritah’s care. However, life with this aunt proved to be just as hard. Ritah attended school without breakfast or lunch and came home each day to a series of exhausting chores. On occasion, her aunt forced Ritah to get up in the middle of the night to fetch water from a faraway well. 
All of this changed when Ritah became a part of COTN’s child sponsorship program. Thanks to her sponsors, Ritah now lives in a loving home with nine other girls, where she enjoys daily meals and attentive care. 
What Ritah really appreciates about her sponsors is that they enable her to attend school regularly, rather than “missing for no reason,” she says.  Now in the fourth grade, Ritah especially enjoys studying English and is hoping to be either a nurse or a pastor when she grows up.
    Today, Ritah (center) enjoys sharing her life with other girls in the COTN family and receives three meals a day.
Her sponsors have blessed her, she says, by giving her hope and confidence in the future, and by bringing her into a home where she learns about the love of God. “I have learned that God loves me so much that he has provided a home for me,” she says. “I didn’t have a Bible, but now I have one and am being mentored in the ways of God.” Ritah loves the story of David and Goliath, because “it teaches us that with our trust in God, the impossible becomes possible.”
Ritah hopes that someday she will be able to help bring healing to Uganda, both spiritually and physically. Her hope is that the poor will have access to medical attention and that the gospel would be made available to all people. Ritah would like to thank her sponsors for their love and support, and says she is “praying for them so God may continue blessing them as they support me.”
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