Christmas Photos from Uganda


The children in Uganda had a great Christmas, thanks to you! At our Uganda Children’s Homes, we had a special party with a Christmas meal, cake, and other sweet treats. The children also took time to pray and thank God for all He has blessed them with throughout the past year.

The children in our Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program celebrated Christmas with gifts of clothing and laundry soap, thanks to their sponsors. "For an African child, new clothes for a day like Christmas means a lot," says Hadrine Akullo, one of our Uganda staffers. "And they were really excited, as you can tell from the pictures." 
Thank you for making this such a great Christmas for the children of Uganda! 
                     The children at our Uganda Children's Homes enjoyed a cake in celebration of Jesus' birth.
                               Some of the boys in their Sunday best attire, enjoying their Christmas dinner.
                                                                Soda pop is always a special treat!
                                                                 Getting ready to cut the cake!
                                         Prayer time, to thank God for all His blessings over the past year.
N'Gardy, one of our college students from Sierra Leone who's studying in Uganda, gets ready to pass out gifts to the children in the Anai-Okii village partnership.
                                                 The children in Anai-Okii show off their new clothes.
   The children show off their treats while wearing their new Christmas clothes. Thank you for providing these gifts!
                            Thank you for making this such a great Christmas for all our children in Uganda!