God Can Lift the Rejected Child: Morris’ Story


It wasn’t long after Morris’ father passed away that his mother reached the end of her rope. Seven-year-old Morris woke up one morning to find his mother’s dead body on the floor of their home. Grief-stricken and paralyzed by the fear of not being able to provide for her children, she had taken her own life.

Although his uncle wanted to bring Morris and his three siblings into his home, his struggles to provide for his own children made that impossible. Instead, Morris, his two brothers, and his sister were left to care for themselves, with only weekly visits from their uncle to provide basic needs like soap. The oldest of Morris’ siblings was just 10 at the time.  
Life in Uganda in a home run by children with no source of income was difficult, to say the least. Morris and his siblings often had to resort to begging in order to earn money. “I had no bed sheets, no bed, but slept on the floor with a dirty mat,” Morris says. “No one cared if we had food or not.”
   Before coming into COTN’s Uganda Children’s Home, Morris had no adults to look after him or care for his needs. 
On occasion, nearby neighbors would negotiate with the village leader for food on behalf of the children, but this was not reliable. Though he attended primary school for free, Morris faced long days with no guarantee of a meal. 
Thankfully, Morris’ uncle was part of the construction company that built COTN’s Uganda Children’s Homes, and he was able to talk with a member of the staff there and get Morris involved with COTN. Now Morris lives in a home with other orphaned children, where his home mother cares for him and ensures that he eats well every day. 
“I no longer have to worry about a day’s meal,” Morris says. Above all, though, he is grateful to have a bed and blankets to himself. 
Thanks to his sponsors, Morris is able to enjoy having his own bed and blankets
                              Thanks to his sponsors, Morris is able to enjoy having his own bed and blankets.
“I like the care and attention my mother in COTN gives me,” Morris shares. Thanks to COTN, he says he has learned that “God does not abandon us; he loves and cares for us.” His favorite Bible story is that of Joseph, which shows that there is hope in difficult times. “God can lift the rejected man and make him great,” Morris explains.
Morris (here with his home mother) says his favorite Bible story is that of Joseph. He says the lesson of that story is that "God can lift the rejected man and make him great."  
Morris wants to grow up to become a teacher so he can help steer development and share knowledge in his village and his family. He would like to thank his sponsors for sharing their blessings with him and making him a part of their family.
Morris and other children don’t have enough sponsors to provide all the care they need. Sponsor a child like Morris today, or give to our general fund to help provide for unsponsored children.