God Is Gracious to Everyone: Elizabeth’s Story


Elizabeth was just a small child when a neighbor poisoned her father after a land dispute. After his death, Elizabeth’s mother decided she had no other option than to return to her family in another village. Elizabeth was left in the care of her father’s mother and clan elders in Kakoge, a small village in Uganda. There is little access to electricity or clean water in this area.

After her father’s death, Elizabeth attended school irregularly. The walk to school was long, especially with ragged clothes and bare feet, and none of Elizabeth’s elders minded if she missed school. Even on days when she did make it to class, paying attention was difficult. “There was nothing like lunch or breakfast, so I would not concentrate on anything, but just slept in class because of hunger,” Elizabeth remembers. 
Before joining COTN, Elizabeth only ate one meal a day.
                       Before joining COTN's child sponsorship program, Elizabeth only ate one meal a day.
Elizabeth’s uncle wanted a better life for his niece. When he learned about COTN’s ministry, he met with the staff to get Elizabeth enrolled in the child sponsorship program. Thanks to the support of generous partners, COTN was able to take Elizabeth into our Village Partnership Program
Now, thanks to her sponsors, Elizabeth receives two meals a day at COTN, in addition to the food she gets at home. She also gets all the materials she needs for scholastic success. “I physically look good and healthier,” Elizabeth says, adding that without her sponsors, she wouldn’t be able to afford to attend school.  Now that she isn’t distracted by hunger, Elizabeth is doing well in school, especially when it comes to learning English. 
Elizabeth wants to be a nurse when she grows up, so she can “offer immediate support and treatment to the sick.” Thanks to her COTN family, Elizabeth has also learned that God is loving and gracious to everyone. “I like the story of David and Goliath,” Elizabeth says. “It teaches us not to look down upon ourselves, but with God on our side we can win many battles.” 
Thanks to her sponsors, Elizabeth now eats three meals a day—and she can concent
            Thanks to her sponsors, Elizabeth now eats three meals a day—and she can concentrate in school!
One of the battles Elizabeth would like to win is the fight for equality in Uganda. When asked what her hopes are for her country, she says she would like to see “help and advocacy for the voiceless women and children.” 
Elizabeth would like to thank her sponsors for helping to pave her way into the future. When asked how her sponsors should pray for her, she says, “I need wisdom.” 
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