The Four-Year-Old Who Slept on the Street


Beatrice's favorite Bible story is that of Moses. This quiet six-year-old doesn't hesitate when asked why. "It teaches us that God protects us in difficult times until we reach our destiny," she says. 

Beatrice knows this truth intimately. When she was still a baby, her parents, who had been sick for a while, became so ill they could no longer care for her. They were in and out of the hospital, and sent her to live with her grandmother. Sadly, her grandmother, who was struggling with alcoholism, was not able to give her the care she needed. She fed her only milk and was often found out drinking with Beatrice strapped to her back. "We all expected Beatrice to die soon," explains the woman who found her in this condition. 
Beatrice has been through a lot of difficulty in her short life.
Beatrice has been through a lot of difficulty in her short life, but she says she knows God has protected her and brought her to where she is today. 
But somehow, Beatrice was protected, and survived. The woman who brought her to COTN remembers often finding her at night, sleeping on the ground next to her grandmother, who had passed out on the street too drunk to find her way home. Often, kind neighbors would pick Beatrice up off the ground and take her home to her bed. 
One day, instead of taking her home, someone brought four-year-old Beatrice to Children of the Nations. After careful investigation of her family situation, the staff there registered her for the child sponsorship program, and brought her to live in our Children's Homes. 
Beatrice, just after she came to live in COTN's Children's Homes
                                         Beatrice, just after she came to live in COTN's Children's Homes.
Since that day, Beatrice has had a home and a family that cares for her. "I have friends to play with me, mummy [her house mother] gives me food every day, and I am also going to school," Beatrice says. "I have learned that God is the provider of everything—including food."
Beatrice with her house mother and several of her "sisters,"
               Beatrice (middle) with her house mother and several of her "sisters," who live in her Children's Home. 
Beatrice, who is now in first grade, loves school and is enamored with her teachers. She hopes to become a teacher in the future, because, she says, "teachers are wiser than every other person, and give knowledge to children." 
If it weren't for her sponsors, who provided this new life for her, Beatrice knows she would still be fighting the odds on the streets, struggling to survive. She has a special message for them: "Thank you for loving me." 
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