Four Unique Pictures of Success


What does transformation look like? We dream of children, once orphaned and abandoned on the streets, becoming doctors, teachers, and politicians, and changing their countries. And that is happening all over the world, because of you. 

But for many other children, simply passing from one grade to the next is a small miracle. Some of them came into our care so malnourished that their brains weren't developing normally, or having missed many years of school due to war or poverty. But they don't need to be top of their class, or university graduates, to be successful and transform their nations.
Here are four children who have come from very harsh circumstances, but who have grown beyond what we could ever imagine. Every day these children live is a miracle. They are where they are today because of you. 
Lydia came from a situation where she was forced to be a domestic servant and not allowed to attend school. When she was rescued and came to COTN's Children's Homes in Uganda, she was the right age to be in Primary 3 (third grade), but she was hopelessly behind the class. When she began, she didn't even know how to read. 
After repeating third grade two years in a row, Lydia was finally promoted to fourth grade. She just finished up the school year, and found out she was ranked eleventh in her class of sixty students! She was overjoyed to finally be caught up with her class.
Prosasco is making great strides in his studies
Prosasco has always struggled in school. But this year, he's made the decision that he's going to give it everything he's got. Every evening, he sits with one of our education consultants and practices his multiplication table. He's already improving!
Prosasco studies with Uganda Education Specialist Lindsey Mueller
Lameck is studying to be a mechanic
There was a point at which our in-country staff thought they had lost Lameck. Frustrated by his constant failings in school, he didn't know where to go. He wasn’t sure if he had any future at COTN. But our staff members helped Lameck find a vocational school, where he is now studying to become a car mechanic. He loves it, and is doing very well!
Vicky with the COTN-Uganda board members and Chris Clark
Vicky is the oldest girl in our sponsorship program in Uganda, and was living in an internally displaced persons camp when our staff first found her. She had missed many years of school because of the war, but wanted to start anyway, no matter how old she was for her grade. Vicky shared her testimony last month at the dedication ceremony for COTN–Uganda's new ministry center. "Kids used to call me grandma," she says, because she was much too old for her grade. "But it doesn't matter, because I know who I am, and I know where I'm going." 
Vicky began crying as she shared how far she has come because of your support. The president of the COTN–Uganda board of directors (left) tried to comfort her, but she said, "no, these are happy tears." 
Every child in this story has made it to where they are today because of their sponsors. Will you help transform a child's life? Sponsor a child today