Taking the Next Step of Faith: Solomon's Story


Solomon is strong, smart, and tall. But he's anything but outgoing. Which is why any time an opportunity came up to share in front of a crowd, Solomon shrank to the back. 

When Solomon and a few of his friends were invited to accompany some COTN staff members to a three-day gospel outreach in another Ugandan village, his first response was "Why me? Pick someone else!"
As one of the older boys, Solomon was a natural pick for the outreach event
As one of the older boys, Solomon was a natural pick for the outreach event. But he is very shy, and at first did not want to go.
I think we can probably all relate to Solomon. A weekend of door-to-door evangelism sounds pretty intimidating to most people—especially those of us who are shy. But after a little encouragement from friends and staff, Solomon decided to go along. 
Maybe at first Solomon only intended to watch. But soon he was in the middle of all the action—singing, praying, and giving his testimony in front of total strangers. 
It was a breakthrough moment for him, he said after the weekend. He realized that it didn't matter if he was shy—God could still use him to speak to people. He was there when seventy-six people declared their commitment to follow Christ. He came back promising himself to never let shyness stop him from sharing the good news.
Solomon says the weekend was a breakthrough for him
 Solomon says the weekend was a breakthrough for him. He wants to continue sharing his faith in any way he can!
One of the most powerful moments of the outreach was praying over an old man in one of the villages. This man had been very ill—unable to walk and getting worse every day. His whole family had come to be with him in his pain. They all watched as a group of Christians gathered around and prayed over him. They say he was healed on the spot. All we know is instead of lying in his bed the next day, the old man and his entire extended family walked to church to praise God for His healing and goodness. It has been the talk of the village ever since.
COTN spiritual care staff in Uganda are trying to include children in outreaches
COTN spiritual care staff in Uganda are making an effort to include children in every outreach event they do, as a way to encourage them to take the next step in their faith. 
At COTN, "spiritual care" doesn't just mean Bible lessons and songs. It's an invitation and encouragement for each child to take the next step in faith, whether that's placing their trust in Jesus, sharing their faith with a small group of friends, or standing up in front of a crowd to share their testimony. Today, Solomon is a changed young man, and he's sure his community—and nation—will change because of it.
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